Health room

If a student does not feel well enough to attend classes, he/she would request a pass from a teacher to report to the health room. The student’s parent will be called if the student has a temperature of 100 degrees or greater, is vomiting, has uncontrolled diarrhea, has an undiagnosed rash, or has a contagious illness.

The health room is staffed for minor first aid and to monitor students until a parent arrives. Students needing to take medications at school must see Mrs. Houze, the health room nurse, to complete a permission form.

Students requiring any type of medication (Orajel, aspirin, Tylenol, prescription, etc) must inform the school nurse and bring the medicine to the health room before the 1st period, along with written authorization from the legal guardian for the medicine to be administered.

  1. Written authorization is required for any medication brought to school. Such written authorization must include:
    1. student’s name and current date
    2. name of the medication
    3. time of to give the medicine and the amount to be given
    4. signature of parent/legal guardian
    5. telephone number of parent/legal guardian during school hours, should contact be necessary
    6. * Permission forms for medicine are available in healthroom and also at the bottom of this page.
  2. If a student has been prescribed an inhaler, parents are responsible for making one available in the health room.
  3. Prescription medications must have physician and legal guardian authorization with the same information as above. Forms are available in the health room.
  4. Due to Reyes Syndrome, no aspirin, nor products containing aspirin can be given to students without a physician and legal guardian’s written permission with directions.
  5. All medications including prescription and over the counter drugs, inhalers, and epipens must be stored in the health room. Medication must be labeled and in the original container. No medication will be given from envelopes or plastic bags. The nurse will administer medication to students.
  6. Unauthorized possession of any type medication is against school policy and is grounds for expulsion.
  7. The school does not and will not supply any form of medication to students.
  8. Any procedures must have a physician’s order with instructions on it. This includes nebulizers, dressing changes to wounds, diabetic procedures, wisdom teeth extractions, etc. The order must have current date and how long to perform these procedures. The nurse will assist with these procedures.
  9. Emergency forms need to be kept current. Please notify the nurse or front office of any phone, address or medical changes. Please complete all information requested on this form especially contact and medical information.
  10. Health room hours: 8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Downloadable Forms-(Must have Adobe Acrobat Reader Installed)

Permission Forms

Student Emergency Information Sheet