Woodmont Athletic Booster Club, Inc.



The name of the organization will be Woodmont Athletic Booster Club, Inc.


The purpose of the Woodmont Athletic Booster Club will be to support the athletic program of Woodmont High School.The Woodmont Athletic Booster Club will work together with the Athletic Director to provide support to the athletes, coaches and the Athletic Director.

Booster Club Membership

Anyone wishing to join the Booster Club is welcome to join.Yearly dues of $10.00 booster membership, $100/ Bronze $200.00/Silver, $400.00/Gold is required.

Volunteers and assistance are ALWAYS needed throughout the year, such as working concession stands and spirit booths, membership drives, coordinating fundraisers, working at tournaments, making phone calls, etc.If you would prefer to volunteer your time throughout the year in lieu of paying $50 for a Wildcat Family Card membership, we would gladly welcome your assistance.

Meetings are held in July, August, November, and May.Special meetings may be called. The meetings will be open to the public but only Booster Club members are eligible to vote on policy and procedures. The Booster Club, in order to conduct official business, must have a minimum of five (5) members present.Of these five, two (2) must of officers or one (1) officer and the athletic director.


The Booster Club will elect, by majority vote, one member to serve as President, one member to serve as Vice President, one member to serve as Secretary, and one member to serve as Treasurer.

The President will preside at all meetings.The Secretary will keep minutes of meetings and will handle correspondence for the Club.

The Treasurer will be responsible for all financial records and monies.

Activities/Fund raisers

The Booster Club will fund the cost of the athletic banquets to include the purchase of trophies. The treasurer will submit a financial report at the May meeting to the board.

General Information

Money given as donations to individuals will be determined by the membership, on a case-by-case basis. This standard operating procedure is designed to guide rather than regulate.It can be amended at anytime by a majority vote of the members of the club.

Dissolution of Club

In the event the activity of the Woodmont Athletic Booster Club reaches the point where it must be finally and legally dissolved, all assets shall be sent to the Athletic Department of Woodmont High School, with the Athletic Director determining the distribution among the athletic activities of the school.This procedure would follow paying any outstanding debts owed by the Club.