If you have had a chance to drop by the school you will have seen that our building is becoming very festive. We have beautifully decorated Christmas trees here on the main campus, compliments of our PTA; and, the children at Hollis made special ornaments for their tree over there. We have lots of holiday activities coming up and we hope you will join us during the season when you have some spare time. Next week we have Santa pictures on Tuesday and the following week we will have a concert by St. Mary’s students and one by JL Mann singers. Then on the 19th we will have our annual Christmas party with the Daughters of Penelope here to help celebrate.

Also, please remember Jane Hart’s book signing at Barnes and Noble on Woodruff Rd on Saturday from 11-2. Any donations made in return for their free gift wrapping will come back to Washington Center, and I think you will enjoy reading Jane’s book. 

This week students have been busy with lessons on holidays around the world and have talked about Christmas in places such as Bangladesh and about other holidays such as Hanukkah. They have also explored topics such as the nature of gas and flags from different countries. Groups have been off campus for eating, shopping, swimming and even visiting Santa at the mall; and, next week, in addition to that type of destination, we have several classes that will be visiting the Festival of Trees downtown at the Hyatt. Also this week the folks from GE came to start work on refurbishing our multi-sensory room. We very much appreciate their interest in Washington Center and know that the contribution they are making will be enjoyed by all of our students. Speaking of gifts, Bob Jones University students came this week to deliver the tool they created to help students with grasp issues be able to manipulate pencils, markers and even eating utensils with greater ease. Thank you very much to those students for sharing their creativity with us.

Hopefully you have received or will be receiving information from your student’s teacher about participating in district surveys related to next year’s accreditation process. We hope you will take a few minutes to share your thoughts as your input will be highly valued. Also, there will be a number of community meetings coming up soon related to the district’s strategic plan. These meetings will be held at various high schools in the county from 5:30-7 pm on December 4, 5, 6, 7 and 13- For a list of dates, times and locations, please check our website.

We now have a date for our spring “Run, Walk and Roll”. It will again be at Furman and will be held on April 28. Mark your calendars now as this is our biggest fund raiser of the year.

Good news on the Donors Choose front. Ryana Wilson’s request for copies of The Giving Tree to send home with each student as a Christmas gift was fully funded last night. We are so very grateful for the support we receive for projects such as this, and we look forward to sharing this special book with students and their families, both at school and at home.

The Bebo word this week is “play”, and I think that is a good one to be practicing at home during the holiday season.

That’s it for now.  Have a great weekend and best wishes for the holiday season.