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School Improvement Council


Garry Conn, Faculty Rep.

Bethany Guiliano, Faculty Rep.

Julie Green, Parent

David Batson, Parent

Marlene Blanchard, Parent

David Marlowe, Community Rep.

Keith Austin, Community Rep.

Erin Smith, Community Rep.

Jordan Hamon, Student Rep., Freshmen

Josh Lipscomb, Student Rep., Sophomores

Mel Norton, Student Rep., Juniors

Haleigh Williams, Student Rep., Seniors

Toby Foster, At Large Student Rep.

Lou Lavely, Principal, Ex-officio

Amy Means, Asst. Principal, Ex-officio

Judith Kate Ward, Student Body President, Ex-officio

Laurie Tankersley, PTA President, Ex-officio

Welcome to TRHS!

Welcome to TRHS