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Special Education Department

Photo of Michele Alexander
Michele Alexander
Ph. 355-0023
Email mlalexan
Website for Michele Alexander

Photo of Victoria Dunaj
Victoria Dunaj
Ph. 355-None
Email vdunaj

Photo of Susanne LaFaye
Susanne LaFaye
Ph. 355-0060
Email slafaye
Website for Susanne LaFaye

Photo of Cheryl Miller
Cheryl Miller
Ph. 355-0061
Email ctmiller
Website for Cheryl Miller

Photo of Norman Nolen
Norman Nolen
Teacher, StuCo Adv.
Ph. 355-0068
Email nnolen
Website for Norman Nolen

Photo of Franklin Parthugari
Franklin Parthugari
Ph. 355-0051
Email fparthugari
Website for Franklin Parthugari

Photo of Zoren Rierson
Zoren Rierson
Teacher, Dept. Head
Ph. 355-0079
Email zrrierson
Website for Zoren Rierson