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English Department

Photo of Arielle Case
Arielle Case
Teacher, Yearbook
Ph. 355-0006
Email amcase
Website for Arielle Case

Photo of Allison Hollingsworth
Allison Hollingsworth
Ph. 355-0076
Email ahollingsworth
Website for Allison Hollingsworth

Photo of Emily Huminski
Emily Huminski
Ph. 355-0032
Email ehuminski
Website for Emily Huminski

Photo of Lori Mason
Lori Mason
Teacher, Teacher Cadets
Ph. 355-0020
Email lmason
Website for Lori Mason

Photo of Shannon Oberle
Shannon Oberle
Teacher, Newspaper, Dept. Head
Ph. 355-0059
Email soberle
Website for Shannon Oberle

Photo of Suzanne Sitzler
Suzanne Sitzler
Ph. 355-0063
Email ssitzler
Website for Suzanne Sitzler

Photo of Kellie Slough
Kellie Slough
Ph. 355-0073
Email kslough
Website for Kellie Slough

Photo of Lauren Tate
Lauren Tate
Ph. 355-0034
Email lmrivera
Website for Lauren Tate

Photo of Hallie Van Camp
Hallie Van Camp
Ph. 355-0080
Email hvancamp
Website for Hallie Van Camp