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School Counseling Department

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Photo of Tricia Arnold
Tricia Arnold
Ph. 355-0004
Email taarnold
Website for Tricia Arnold

Photo of Luke Black
Luke Black
Counselor (A-D)
Ph. 355-0017
Email jlblack
Website for Luke Black

Photo of Heather Foster
Heather Foster
Counselor (S-Z)
Ph. 355-0019
Email hfoster
Website for Heather Foster

Photo of Bethany King
Bethany King
Counselor (L-R)
Ph. 355-1081
Email bking
Website for Bethany King

Photo of Adriana Lee
Adriana Lee
Counselor (Part-Time)
Ph. 355-0084
Email abloom
Website for Adriana Lee

Photo of Emily Scott
Emily Scott
Counselor (E-K)
Ph. 355-1084
Email egscott
Website for Emily Scott