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Career and Technical Education Department

Photo of Cindi Brandeis
Cindi Brandeis
Ph. 355-0077
Email cbrandeis
Website for Cindi Brandeis

Photo of Taylor Bui-Klimke
Taylor Bui-Klimke
Ph. 355-0067
Email tbuiklimke
Website for Taylor Bui-Klimke

Photo of Sean Calhoun
Sean Calhoun
Ph. 355-0024
Email scalhoun
Website for Sean Calhoun

Photo of Jeremy Jones
Jeremy Jones
Ph. 355-0082
Email jerjones
Website for Jeremy Jones

Photo of Lori Plemons
Lori Plemons
Ph. 355-0091
Email lplemons
Website for Lori Plemons

Photo of Kourtney Royster
Kourtney Royster
Ph. 355-0028
Email kroyster
Website for Kourtney Royster

Photo of Christina Sever
Christina Sever
Teacher - Agriculture
Ph. 355-0095
Email cnsever
Website for Christina Sever