Related Arts


An art student works on her sketch of the Furman University Tower during a field trip to the Furman campus. Students also visited the Art Department and heard about careers in the arts. Art Teacher: Eric Benjamin

Eric Benjamin, Art


Practice makes perfect! Strings Teacher: Jean Clarke View a quicktime movie of a strings (Suzuki) class.

Jean Clarke, Strings Teacher and Program Coordinator


Fourth grade classes play dulcimers during a Music Artist-in-Residency. Music Teacher: Jeanie Reed

Jeanie Reed, Music

Jill Rohrer, Physical Education


The Paul Taylor Dance Company held master classes for fourth grade while in town for a Peace Center performance. Dance Ensamble Performance. Dance Teacher: Cynthia Waddell

Cynthia Waddell, Dance


"The Granny Awards" was a big hit as Stone's '98 Spring Musical. Drama Teacher: Nicole Ackerman

Nicole Ackerman, Drama