Performing Groups

Stone Singers
The chorus is made up of fourth and fifth grade students and directed by Jeanie Reed. Students audition for the chorus and practice two mornings each week at 7:30 a.m. in the music room. They perform at PTA functions and several times a year in the community.

Dance Ensemble
The dance ensemble is made up of fourth and fifth grade students who audition to be part of the group. Cyndi Waddell directs the ensemble and develops much of the choreography. Guest artists, such as those from the Paul Taylor Dance Company, work with the children in some years in master classes to choreograph original works. Students attend one mandatory, afternoon rehearsal each week in the dance studio. The ensemble performs at school and in the community many times during the school year.

Strings is offered as a pullout program during the school day for students in the third through fifth grades and taught by Jean Clarke. Students must begin strings in the third grade if they are to participate in the regular group. Students attend strings classes instead of one of their other related arts. The schedule is varied each semester, so they miss a different related art each half year grading period. That way, the student gets a year of strings and 1/2 of a year of the other related arts classes. There are two strings concerts each year. Students have opportunities to perform at school during the year.

Drama Groups
Members of the Play Production cast will often perform for community organizations or for other schools. They may do excerpts from or variations of the spring musical, or other pieces. Drama performance groups are directed by Stone's drama teacher, Nicole Ackerman.

Jeff Holland teaches percussion to students in 1st - 5th grades. His classes meet early in the morning and at least one of the groups have performed for audiences, such as at the Spring Musical Production and other venues. Percussion is part of the Encore program, and there is a charge for private lessons.