Student Art Products 1999-2000

1999-2000 Art Cards from Stone Academy

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Original Painting
by Barnard, 1st Grade

Original Painting
by Jill, 3rd Grade

Original Art
by Caroline, 5th Grade

Original Painting
by Erica, 4th Grade

This card features a poem on the front, between the rows of suns. The large sun is printed on the inside with the last 2 lines of the poem.
Papier Mache
by Mrs. Bennett's 4th Grade Class.
The Sunby Danielle, 4th Grade
The Golden sun shines in the mist Each beautiful long ray Touching the birds with the sun on their wings. The sun touches our hearts with each day. The angels of light come to sing with the sun. If you look very closely you'll see... The Sun smiling Shining on you.


Painting in the styleof O'Keefe
by Hugh, 2nd Grade

Painting in the styleof O'Keefe
by Beth, 2nd Grade

Paper Collage
by Jessica, 4th Grade, Rebecca, 4th Grade, Chloe, 4th Grade, Elizabeth, 1st Grade, Lauren, 2nd Grade

The 1999-2000 Annual Gift Tag Assortment

Original Art
by Caroline, 5th Grade

Papier Mache
by Hillary, 4th Grade

Papier Mache
by Ellen, 4th Grade

Papier Mache
by Danielle, 4th Grade

Papier Mache
by Julianna, 4th Grade

Original Art
by Michelly, 4th Grade

Papier Mache
by Spencer, 4th Grade

Papier Mache
by Rakem, 4th Grade

Original Art
by Alexandria, 4th Grade

Original Art
by Maggie, 4th Grade

Original Art
by Andie, 4th Grade

Original Art
by Caroline, 4th Grade

Original Art
by Rebecca, 4th Grade

Original Art
by Caroline, 5th Grade

Original Art
by Amanda, 5th Grade

Original Art
by Trisha, 5th Grade

Original Art
by Savannah, 5th Grade

The1999-2000 Annual Poetry Card Assortment

Poems are printed inside marbleized borders, with each card having a different colored border. The marbleing was done by students in Mrs. Slate's Design Excursion Encore Class.

by Ted, 1st Grade

My pets are special to my heart.
I miss them when we are apart.
When I'm at home we like to play,
And that is where I want to stay.
They run to the door
when the doorbell rings.
They look outside
and bark at things.

You and I
by Rebecca, 2nd Grade

If you and I
Went out to play
In the beautiful
Flowers all day
Until the sky
Got pretty gray
You and I
Would play all day
Until the sky
Got misty gray.

My Elfling's Sick
by Rachel, 4th Grade

My elfling wasn't feeling well.
He had a nasty chill.
His eyes were red and watery.
I saw that he was ill. Snot was running from his nose
'and his tongue hung out, too.
His freckles started to turn green
and his cheeks were a
sickening blue. I took him to a doctor
just as quickly as I could-
A specialist in elflings,
and she's in our neighborhood. She took his pulse and temperature
and fed him turpentine,
and phosphorous and gasoline-
My elfling's doing fine.

by Joanna, 3rd Grade

In the flowers and the trees,
And in the sky so blue,
Is the beauty of the earth
That's here for me and you. As the waves crash against the shore,
And the wind blows in the sky,
It makes me want to soar above,
It makes me want to fly.
The world is filled with beauty,
And living things to come.
From people to elephants
And chrysanthemums.
Forever nature's been here,
Forever it will stay.

The Castle Built by Nature
by Sarah Elliott, 3rd Grade

The castle built by nature
is a wondrous thing to see.
The walls are made with greens
and browns of every kind of tree.
The floor is a carpet of flowers,
a colorful jamboree.
You can wander there for hours,
I think we can agree.
The ceiling of the castle
is a joyful thing to see,
Whether filled with clouds or stars, either one is free.
The castle is very special
to the animals and me,
Because the castle is the earth
and home to all you see.

A Fairy's Life
by Maggie, 4th Grade

Dancing on their tiptoes
Flying around the world
Clothing made of cotton
Noses shaped like a curl
Hats made of acorns
Wings flap like a whirl
Their most favorite treat is the
Famous chocolate swirl.
Sleeping in a rolled up leaf
The bright sun wakes them up
Eating berries for their breakfast
Sipping tea from cups
Playing and prancing all day long
From the dawn to the night
Diving in a shallow puddle
Such a happy sight!

The Snowman
by Helen, 3rd Grade

Let's build a snowman,
Round and tall.
We need lots of help
So he won't fall. Start with the body.
Roll, roll, roll.
Finish with his head.
Boy, he's cold! First come the eyes, shiny brown
Made from buttons that I found.
Mom brought a pencil for his nose.
When she came out, she nearly froze. With blue shoestrings, we finished his mouth,
Shaped in a smile, not a pout.
He's handsome and cute in his bow tie.
When he melts, I think I'll cry.

by Betsy, 3rd Grade

Before you throw your litter down,
Without a thought upon the ground,
How does it look when you drive past,
Those cans and litter on the grass?
Do you jump out and clean it up
Because you see how bad it looks?
My grandmother does...
My grandmother is seventy-two.
Should she be cleaning up for you?
Every week it's back again,
Wrappers, hub caps, trash, and cans.
She cleans it up as cars fly past
And hopes that this will be the last.
So for those who try to do their best
And pick up trash for all the rest
Pitch in, not out, along the way,
And make every day Earth Day!