Student Art Products 1998-99

1998-99 Art Cards from Stone Academy

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Pastel Self-Portraits
by Michelle, Veronica,Christopher, and Jamie4th Grade

"The Purple Robe"Painting after Matisse
by Michael, 5th Grade

Original Painting
by Rachel, 3rd Grade

Original Pastel
by Caitlin, 5th Grade
"A Prayer for Moonlight"
by Sarah Elliott, 2nd Grade
At night alone on the beach,
I look up at the moon. . .
Out of reach.
It seems so huge in the night air,
It makes me want to say a prayer.
"Dear God,
Thank you for the sky so blue,
Thank you for the moon so true."
Poem is printed on front of card.
Original Painting
by Sarah Elliott, 2nd grade
The Cats
by Dana
The cats come a-prowling, a-yowling, and a-howling.
They are stalking and talking in their cat-like language.
They tap their tiny toes, and wiggle their tiny nose,
For the scent of mouse is in the air.
Poem printed inside the card.
Original Painting
Dana, 5th Grade
Pumpkin Time
by Rachel J., 3rd Grade
It is a dark and gloomy night
Where wolves howl
in the misty moonlight.
Ghosts and goblins stalk the street
Where vampires lurk
and witches meet.
The Jack-O-Lanterns grin
with evil delight.
Your heart is filling up with fright!
Chills are dancing up your spine.
Wowie! Zow!
It's pumpkin time!!!
Poem printed inside the card.
Original Painting
by Rachel V., 3rd Grade
by Caitlin, 5th Grade
We sing with all our voices.
We hold each others' hands.
We want to make a difference.
We want to take a stand.
So let's change the world together
And spread joy across the land.
Poem printed inside the card.
Original Paintingby Chloe, 3rd Grade
This was the Greenville School District holiday greeting card in December, 1998

The 1998-99 Annual Poetry Card Assortment

Poems are printed inside marbleized borders, with each card having a different colored border. The marbleing was done by students in Mrs. Slate's Design Excursion Encore Class.

by Maggie, 3rd Grade

Movement is the tall, high field of grass
Shaking in the wind.
It is the trees whispering their song
They always sing.
When there's movement,
Movement is almost everything.

Earth Flu
by Emerson, 4th Grade

Uh, oh! The Earth is sick,
It has the flu.
But he got it from
You, and you, and you
From those smoky cars to factories...
I cannot stand it,
I beg you please!
I have a solution ...
Stop pollution!

The Bubble
by Mrs. Lauber's 1st Grade Class with Artist-in-Residence, Cynthia Jaskwich

Once I blew a bubble that would not pop,
It got bigger and bigger and would not stop.It grew big as a strawberry, an apple, a melon.
"It's going to blow!," I started yellin'.Big as a desk, big as the room,
And then ...ka-flewy, ka-blewly, ka-BOOM!The mess went on and on, it would not stop,
"Somebody, quick, get the mop!"It was on the ceiling, on the floor,
On the papers and on the door.All of us kids were covered in goo,
Oh no! What should we do?

Long-Eared Owl
by Taylor, 3rd Grade

As the night goes on,
There's a predator in the twilight.
From hisses to hoots to
catlike meows,
With an eye as sharp
as a new sharpened knife,
And a screech that fills the air
like shattering glass.
It glides through the air
like a ghost,
As silent as a mouse,
With wide yellow eyes and
colored feathers.
What would we do without these creatures?

My Buddy
by Kramer, 3rd Grade

I love you buddy,
You're more than a friend.
We'll stick together
Until the end.
We'll keep doing the things
We've always done,
Like baseball, shopping

And having fun.
Snow or rain,
Dry or muddy,
You'll always be
My Best Buddy.

by Andie, 3rd Grade

I can't stand it any longer.
I've been sitting here for hours.
I just have to pull one.
Just One! Maybe she'll scream,
Or maybe just tell on me.
I don't know, but ...
I'm going to have to
Pull just one. No, I can't but ...

by Mike, 4th Grade

Happy thoughts
Create a world of smiles,
From girl to boy,
From man to lady.
Smiles share
a thought of happiness.
A smile is like a boy
winning a baseball game,
Like a girl with a new dress.

by Noah, 1st Grade

Jumping eating
green yellow blue
my frog is leaping

frog Poem is printed on front of the card.
Paper art in the style of Eric Carleby Noah, 1st Grade