Student Art Products 2016-17

The 2015-2016 Annual Art Note Card Assortment

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Linocut Card Image

Linocuts by Jackson Benton, Maddy Zawistowski, Ruth Lilla,

Sadie Dripps, Virginia Eichelberger, & Davis Callahan

Grades 2-5

Charlotte Weikle Card Image
Charlotte Weikle

Art in the Style of Cezanne

5th Grade

Gabrielle McGee Card Image
Gabrielle McGee

Marbled Papers

3rd Grade

Mary Bantom Mayes Card Image

Mary Bantom Mayes

Art in the Style of Monet

4th Grade

5th Grade Mural Card Image

Ends of Mural Image

New Beginning Mural

5th Grade

Sophie Oken Card Image

Sophie Oken

Landscape in the Style of O'Keefe

1st Grade

Aza Ageday Card Image

Aza Ageday

Art in the Style of Van Gogh

1st Grade 

Myla Mason


3rd Grade