Student Art Products 2013-14

The 2013-2014 Annual Art Note Card Assortment

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Color studies
by Bryetton Perry, Charlie Hinson, Chylicia Henderson, Fletcher Sobotka, and Libby Sheppard,
2nd Grade

Amendments 13-15, based on the art of Stuart Davis,
by Eli Ricker,

5th Grade

Native American Portraits
by Daniel Millett, Madeleine Rhyne, Morgan McClain,
Shelby Garcia, Perry Bolt, Lauren Cobb, Maddie Lehde, Henry Delaney, and Courtney Davis,
4th Grade

Pastel based on the work of Georgia O'Keefe
by Colin Mathern,
1st Grade

States of Matter
by Emily McCarter, Lander LaRue, and Delia Parker,

5th Grade

Marbled Papers
by Carly Batson,

4th Grade

Mural: The Reedy River with Notable Greenvilliansbased on "La Grande Jatte" Georges Seurat
by 5th Grade Students

States of Matter
by Rakayla Channer

5th Grade

The 2013-2014 Annual Poetry Card Assortment

The marbled designs were done by students in Mrs. Slate's Design Excursion Encore Class.

by Colin Mathern, First Grade

by Tyler Nelson, Second Grade

"Dream in My Pocket"
by Sarah McFeely, Fourth Grade

"On a Cold Winter's Mornning"
by Elias Gold, Fourth Grade

by Kendal Conley, Fifth Grade


"Through the Hole in the Tree I See"
by Rakayla Channer, Fifth Grade

"Bubbling and Frothing"
by Sophie Young, Fifth Grade

"Where I am From"
by Caitlin Welsh, Fifth Grade