Student Art Products 2009-10

2009-2010 Art Cards from Stone Academy

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Combination styles of Wolf Kahn and Piet Mondrian
by Evan Ackerman, 1st Grade

Original Batik and marbled border
by Madison Howard, 4th Grade

Original Landscape Painting
by Nicolas Turgeon, 2nd Grade

Patchwork of machine-stitched Shibori
by Design Excursion students, 3rd-5th Grades

Original linocut and marbled border
by Isabel Spinelli, 4th Grade

Marbled Papers
by Meredith Rhine, 5th Grade

Marbled Papers by 
Margy Henry, 3rd Grade

Original Batik and marbled border
by Selah Boughner, 5th Grade

The 2009-2010 Annual Gift Tag Assortment

by Abi Thomas 5th Grade

by Brianna Farr 4th Grade

by Harrison Gardner 4th Grade

by Asher Wood 5th Grade
by Abby Beddingfield 3rd Grade
by Isabel Spinelli 4th Grade
by Jordan Winiski 5th Grade
by Olivia Bruce and Cooper Boyd, 1st Grade

Marbled Papers
by Harrison Gardner, 4th Grade

Marbled Papers
by Jordan Winiski, 5th grade

Marbled Papers
by Mary Gilden 3rd Grade

by Abi Thomas 5th Grade

Linocut and marbled paper
by Rowan Brown, 3rd Grade

Bird Paintings
by Macy Dunn, Isaiah Boozer, Emma Felton, and Ainsley Ballard, 1st Grade
Marbled Papers
by Katie Hardison 4th grade

Marbled Papers
by Amy Blackwell, Parent
Marbled Papers
by Rowan Brown, 3rd Grade

Linocut and marbled paper
by Margy Henry, 3rd Grade

Linocut and marbled paper
by Harrison Gardner, 4th Grade

Art and poetry
by Katherine Wiedemann, 1st Grade

The 2009-2010 Annual Art Holliday Card + Gift Tag Assortment

by Anna Pitney, 5th Grade

by Bailey Dunn, 4th Grade

by Lindsey Wise, 5th Grade

by Clayton Johanson, 5th Grade

by Briasia Pyles, 5th Grade

by Cameron Giordano, 4th Grade

by Ellie MacPhee, 5th Grade

by Nicolas Waggoner, 4th Grade

The 2009-2010 Annual Poetry Card Assortment

Poems are printed inside marbleized borders, with each card having a different colored border. The marbleing was done by students in Mrs. Slate's Design Excursion Encore Class.

Allie Ried
3rd Grade

You won’t believe what’s in
my grandma’s purse.
It’s like a grocery store in there.
She always has peppermints and
half-eaten butterscotch candy and 
old fashioned plain nasty candy.
When I’m hungry I tell her and
she drags out a steaK!
She has rolls from Golden Corral.
I’m telling you 
You have got to believe me.
It’s like a grocery store in there!

Caroline Wison
5th Grade

Beauty is three scoops of ice cream, piled high in a waffle cone, chocolate syrup
pouring over the top. 
Chocolate candies and 
Mickey Mouse sprinkles 
fall everywhere. 
On top there is a mass of blue cotton candy. 
Chocolate and vanilla ice cream mixed with all the other flavors, creating a mouth heaven. 
That is what beauty is.

Sophie Young
1st Grade

I jump in the grass
and run fast.
And boss the moss
and jump through the wind
and sing in the butterfly’s eye.
I see a fly going by.
It makes me feel like flying high.

Isabel Spinelli
4th Grade

Water flows.
Fish swim with it.
Through the forest
I go,
With my hook,
Cross over
An ancient bridge,
Sit down on a rock, and

Sarah Agee
4th Grade

Where is my yo-yo?
I can’t find my pants.
Is that a week-old lollipop?
Can you teach me how to dance?
There is sticky gum under my bed.
There are tons of dirty clothes 
on the floor.
I can’t find my drumsticks or my guitar.
There’s slimy paintballs and 
ugly pictures on my door.
I can’t find anything in my room.
I think one day it might go BOOM!
But I don’t want to clean my room today.
I just want to go outside and play!

Betty Sue Graben
4th Grade

I wish I had a pony
that was plump instead of bony.
(though a bony one would do!)

I wish I had a white one,
a just the perfect height one.

I wish I had a brown one,
a trotting up and down one.

I wish I had a hay one,
a whinny whinny neigh one.

I wish I had a black one,
a clippy cloppy clack one.

I wish it didn’t take so long
for wishes to come true.

Tenia Slade
4th Grade

There’s only one thing
that happens to me
when I put on my
imagination pants.
I can dream, have fun,
eat varieties of candy,
Play a lot, jump a lot, 
But it’s not the same
with other pants.
I can’t imagine.

Tenia Slade
4th Grade

You look at all the tiny words sitting all throughout the big book.
One long word here, one short word there, words, words, everywhere!

You feel that you’re in a beautiful dream, but you’re really not.
You hear a knock, knock at your bedroom door.
Nope, no more of those precious words.