Student Art Products 2001-02

2001-2002 Art Cards from Stone Academy

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Original Painting
by Sam, 5th Grade

Original Batik
by Kelley, 4th Grade

Original Painting
by Azniv, 4th Grade

"Water Lilies"Painting after Monet
by Allen, 5th Grade

Pastel Self-Portraitsin the Style of Picasso
by Nathan, Makensie,Deirdre, & Aaliyah1st Grade

Painting after William Halsey
by Kate, 5th Grade

"Starry Night"Painting after Van Gogh
by Allysa, 5th Grade

"Gardening Patches onMontmartre in Winter"Painting after Van Gogh
by Rebecca, 4th Grade

The 2001-2002 Annual Gift Tag Assortment

Original Tile Mosaic
by Kelley, 4th Grade

Original Tile Mosaic
by Hayley, 4th Grade

Original Tile Mosaic
by Hillary, 4th Grade

Original tile Mosaic
by Lila, 3rd Grade

Painting after Monet
by Jill, 5th Grade

"Sunflowers" Paintingafter Monet
by Rebecca, 4th Grade

"Jimson Weed"Painting after O'Keefe
by Zelda, 3rd Grade

"Myths: Mickey Mouse"Painting after Warhol
by Grace, 3rd Grade

"Symphony in Green"Painting after Monet
by Allen, 5th Grade

"Water Lilies"Painting after Monet
by Allen, 5th Grade

Original Collage
by Sarah Elliot, 5th Grade

Original Batik
by Kelley, 4th Grade

Papier Mache
by Azviv, 4th Grade

Paier Mache
by Kelley, 4th Grade

Papier Mache
by Leslie, 4th Grade

Papier Mache
by Michelle 4th Grade Parent

Papier Mache
by Ginny Bennett 4th Grade Teacher

Painting after Matisse
by Allen, 5th Grade

Painting after Matisse
by Allen, 5th Grade

Papier Mache
by Ginny Bennett 4th Grade Teacher

The 2001-2002 Annual Poetry Card Assortment

Poems are printed inside marbleized borders, with each card having a different colored border. The marbleing was done by students in Mrs. Slate's Design Excursion Encore Class.

The Poet
by Caroline, 4th Grade
A poet is someone who expresses his feelings.Like a free bird flying,
The rainbow of words spread across the sky of paper.While the sculptor works with clay to please the eye,
The poet shapes his words to please the heart.The musician's rhythm is the poet's syllables.
Couplets are leaping across the page.The phrases strike a pose.
The words are bending to take
the form of spinning verses.Then
The poet heaves a sigh.
The poem is finished,
The bird is free once more.
Nature's Seasons
by Kyle, 4th Grade
Opened buds on all the trees,
Spring is here, enjoy the breeze
Blowing gently through my hair,
Blooming flowers everywhere. Summer time means rays of sun,
Swarming bees. I'd better run!
Waves are lapping on the shore,
In the sky, the seagulls soar. Now it's autumn all around.
Leaves are falling to the ground.
I reach for apples way up high.
Bright white clouds are drifting by. Small, cold snowflakes blow around.
Hilly white blankets coat the ground.
Whistling wind blows everywhere,
Snowballs whizzing through the air.
by Antwine, 5th Grade
Gone again away from me
Hugging me tighltly, not letting me go
Then I ask, "Why must you go?"
Now it's time for you to go
You're sitting down thinking of me
While tears ooze down your eyes and cheeks.
The plane takes off the wind blowing and twisted.
The plane drifts away.Wrapped up in your love
You make me mad, sad, and glad.But your love is always with me.
by Noah, 4th Grade
Why are there bad people? Why do so many people have to die?
Will we win the war? Should I be afraid?
I don't know the answers to these questions,
but I know this for sure . . . I hold in my hand another hand,
and that hand holds someone else's hand,
and on and on . . .
Starting with just me in one city,,
in one town,
in one state,
in one country,
and continuing around the world. Together we are strong,
and in our hands we hold the power
to change the bad to good,
the fear to joy,
and the hate to love.
The Sun
by Rebecca, 4th Grade
Brilliant sunlight gleams
Sunrays strike down on the earth
An outrageous star Rising over sand
Glimmering on the oceans
Sunsets over seas Radiant light shines
Pink and orange clouds follow
As the sun goes down
by Ryan, 3rd Grade
Fish are slippery, fish are wet.
Fish are very fun to get. In a lake or in a river,
The size of bait decides the bigger. Big fish, small fish, I like all fish,
Especially fish that's in a dish! In a boat or on a ship,
My tackle box I will equip. With a hook or with a net,
Fish are always fun to get!
by Brawnze, 3rd Grade
Snow falling in the city,
Oh, look how pretty! City lights are shining bright,
What a beautiful night! People leaving footprints
on the ground,
Never making a sound.
by Anna, 1st Grade
It's cold outside
And it's cold in my bed
But I'm always warm
Because I cover my head.
Under a hat
Under a sheet
I like to stay warm
Every day of the week.