Student Art Products 2000-01

2000-2001 Art Cards from Stone Academy

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Original Painting
by Sami, 1sr Grade

Painting after Wm. H. Johnson
by Tyler, 4th Grade

Painting after Delacroix
by Sandi, 3rd Grade

"Going to Church"Paper "Quilt"after Wm. H. Johnsonby 5th Grade Class

Painting after Derainby Kyle, 3rd Grade

Painting after Van Gogh
by Elliot, 5th Grade

Painting after Franz Marcby
Kate, 4th Grade

Painting after Heckelby Helen, 4th Grade

The 2000-2001 Annual Gift Tag Assortment

Painting after Monetby Laura, 3rd Grade

Painting after Derainby
Kyle, 3rd Grade

Painting after Kleeby Joanna,
4th Grade

Original Mixed Media
by Hunter, 1st Grade

Original Mixed Media
by Carlos, 1st Grade

Painting after Van Goghby
Lachlan, 4th Grade

Painting after Van Gogh
by Lachlan, 4th Grade

Digital Painting
by Zachary, 5th Grade

Original Art
by Emily, 5-yr. Kindergarten

Original Painting
by Azniv, 3rd Grade

Original Painting
by Kyle, 3rd Grade

Original Painting
by Katie, 4th Grade

Original Painting
by Erica, 5th Grade

The 2000-2001 Annual Poetry Card Assortment

Poems are printed inside marbleized borders, with each card having a different colored border. The marbling was done by students in Mrs. Slate's Design Excursion Encore Class.

The Color of Thought
by Joanna, 4th Grade

If I were to describe the color of thoughts,
It would take hours, lots and lots.
Thoughts are wonderful, fluorescent things.
Oh, the joy that a thought brings! Thoughts shine in day, as well as in night.
They're swirling, colorful, beautiful, and bright.
Glimmering, gleaming in my mind,
A more magnificent thing I'll never find.
Thoughts are yellow, red, pink, and green.
The colors create a beautiful scene.
They have shapes, patterns, beauty galore.
I hope thoughts last forever more.

Fairy Island
by Sarah Elliott, 4th Grade

Once upon a time, I heard of a magical place.
I wanted to go there and meet a fairy
face to face.
So I took a boat and sailed right there.
And what do you know, they were everywhere. Some were large and some were small.
Some had wings and some had none at all.
One rode on a big white cat.
And one even had a little acorn hat. They invited me to the fairy dance.
So I said "Yes" and took a chance.
I wore a dress of silver and gold.
I will never forget this,
Even when I am old.
The magical fairy island.

Deep Ocean Dark
by Ryan, 2nd Grade

Deep ocean dark,
quiet and calm;
Like a breeze,
Silently moving;
Like the vulture,
Quietly flying;
And the waves,
Silently moving
Deep ocean dark.

by Nina, 2nd Grade

Flowers, flowers
There's all kinds of flowers.
There's red ones, pink ones
And blue ones, too.
My favorite is purple.
How about you?

by Sidney, 4th Grade

Friends are smiling dandelions
Whisking in the wind,
Ready to let loose their seeds
Filled with love and care.

by Rebecca, 5th Grade

Look in the water and you will see
A reflection made so carefully.
It has all the same colors,
All the same lines,
All the same people, places, and times.

by Elliot, 5th Grade

Teal is the color of fresh chlorine.
It's the light dancing around
a sapphire ring.
The mist that hangs over the sea
in the morn,
The color dark blue that's been
weather worn.
It tastes like the gum called Winterfresh.
Teal feels like sea spray on flesh.

by Alex, 1st grade

I like the way that flowers bloom,
Butterflies break out of their cocoon.
Baby birds will leave the nest,
The bees buzz around and never rest.
Spring is the season when everything grows.
And I feel it from my head to my toes.