Past Sterling Reflections Winners



  • HM Vignesh Rajmohan - The Dream
  • 3rd Julia Zhu - Ode to Ballet
  • HM Ronak Malde - Heaven's Light


    Intermediate Level (3rd-5th grade)
  • Ashley Sasser - First Place Musical Composition
  • Jake O'Conner - Honorable Mention Photography
    Middle School
  • Ethan Coppenbarger - Third Place Musical Composition
  • Shona Fitzer - Honorable Mention Musical Composition

2011 Photography

Nature by Mason Johnstone

First Place, Primary

The Colors of My Classroom by Hayden Hickman

First Place, Intermediate, Winner of Outstanding Interpretation

The Open Road by McKinley Riddle

First Place, Middle School

2011 Visual Arts

Make the World Better by Kristen Schultz

First Place, Primary

We are Different by Ashley Sasser

First Place, Intermediate

Reflective Dreams by McKinley Riddle

First Place, Middle School

2011 Literature

Untitled by Aditya Dias

First Place, Primary Level

Untitled by Sarah Landmesser

First Place, Intermediate

Untitled by Jackson Shaner

First Place, Middle School

2011 Film Production

Untitled by Kirstin Murr

First Place, Intermediate

2011 Music Composition

Sonatina Swing by Chloe Wright

First Place, Intermediate

Untitled by Ethan Coppenbarger

First Place, Middle

    Intermediate Music Composition Winners
  • Kaleiscope by Emma McFall, Second Place
  • Joy to All by Reuben Fitzer, Third Place
    Middle School Music Composition Winners
  • Untitled by Ethan Coppenbarger, Second Place