Sterling Elementary Programs

Who are we? Sterling Elementary serves 4K - 4th grades, comprised of students from the surrounding neighborhood, who get first choice. Remaining slots are filled by requesting special permission.

What Makes Sterling Unique

    Sterling School is home to two programs: Sterling elementary, serving students 4K-5th grades, and the Charles Townes Center, a select program for highly gifted students (grades 3-8). The programs operate within a single school and will be guided by unified beliefs, vision and mission. The uniqueness of each program is in large part to the manner in which we modify the content, process, product and learning environment in order to meet the specific needs of each child.
    Both programs take advantage of the opportunity to experience education at its highest level. By participating in a joint endeavor, all students deepen their understanding of issues which influence our community and country, and they gain perspective regarding the diversity that characterizes our world. There are frequent opportunities for students to contribute to school and the community through interactive relationships.
    Regardless of instructional programming, students must be afforded a challenging and enriching curriculum that emphasizes higher order thinking skills and complex problemsolving, while ensuring that their social and emotional needs have been met.