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Sevier Middle News


Congratulations to Mrs. Christine Plumier!  She will represent Sevier as our 2019-2020 Teacher of the Year!  Mrs. Plumier is our Robotics Team Coach  and teaches Gateway to Technology Courses in Introduction to Engineering Design Honors, Design & Modeling, Automation & Robotics, and Green Architecture.

Congratulations to our newly elected Student Council Officers for the 2019-2020 school year:
President:  Israel Noble
 Vice President:  Brittney Nguyen
 Treasurer:  Vivian Phan
 Secretary:  Amelia Hill
6th Gr. Student Council Representatives:  John Stone, Anna Parker Cuttino, Berkeley Keller, Rosemary Nguyen, Jules Woody, Madison Shamis
6th Gr. Alternates:  Eden Posner, Reagan Buff
7th Gr Student Council Representatives:  Myles O'Brien, Parker Woody, Lucus Perez, Kelly Zhang, Bella Majarais, Vichara Holmes
7th Gr. Alternates:  Breona Sullivan, Samantha Oliver
8th Gr. Student Council Representatives:  Brooklyn Johnson, Anna Phan, Symone Peronet, Cindy Avendo Martinez, Carson Brazell, Carmen Black
8th Gr. Alternates:  Maddie Bervig, Jaelyn Hennon
#              Name                                 Grade                       Position
1              Grace Hanna                 7th Grade              DS
2              Morgan Fine                 8th Grade               Hitter             
3              Addison Fore                7th Grade              DS
4              Skylar Craig                   8th Grade              Hitter
5              Madelyn Cail                 8th Grade              Hitter/Setter
7              Megan Hall                    8th Grade               Libero/DS
8              Sarah Sigmon               7th Grade               Hitter
9              Abby Everett                7th Grade               DS
10          Carrigan Dowling       7th Grade               Setter
12          Gabby Craig                   8th Grade                Hitter/DS
Head Coach and Athletic Director: Tarshie Burrell
Principal: Chad Maguire
Manager: Madison Plumier and Zoe Dube
The following students have been selected to be a member of Sevier's Fly Fishing Club:
Jackson Blakely
Logan Thomas
Bella Majarias
Dakota Sims
Alyssa Yearwood
Evan Majarias
Jomarion Smith
Kiersten Chantron
Haleigh Nielsen
Kaden Park
Drew Hamby
Audrey McClain
Brodie Cronin
Michelle Latimer
Congratulations to our 2019-2020 Recycling Matters Team
Cindy Avendano
Sydney Brooks
Hayley Cochran
Grayson Cuttino
Soheila Feliciano
Abby Nicolas-Juan
Megan Powers
Carmen Black
Kylie Bryant
Oliver Cleveland
Mia Dover
Brittney Nguyen
Brandy Paiz
Jake Sandidge