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Middle School Attendance vs Elementary School Attendance

In middle and high school, attendance is tracked by period as opposed to all day attendance in Elementary School.  Attendance is recorded in every class.  This is referred to as meeting attendance.  Therefore, if you miss a class due to a late arrival or an early dismissal you have had an absence in that class.  Students are allowed 10 absences in any year long class and 5 in any semester long class. *See note below regarding unexcused absences.  Any absence after the tenth will only be excused with a medical note from a physician.

Attendance Rules for Greenville County Schools

Regular school attendance is an essential part of a child’s learning process and vital to graduating with a good education. Students who are frequently absent may be jeopardizing their futures by falling behind in academics and missing important social­ization. Furthermore, chronic absenteeism is a behavior that is strongly associated with dropping out of school.

Section 59-65-10 of the South Carolina Code of Laws requires all children to attend a public or private school or kindergarten beginning at age five (5) and continuing until their 17th birthday. If a parent chooses not to send their children to kindergarten, a waiver must be signed. Waivers may be obtained at the local school. Parents also have the option of home schooling their children provided the requirements for home schooling are met.

In accordance with the Compulsory School Attendance Law and S.C. Code of Regulations, uniform rules have been adopted to ensure that students attend school regularly. Students are expected to attend school each day and are only counted present when they are actually in school, on homebound instruction, or present at an activity authorized by the school principal.

All absences beginning with the first shall be approved or disapproved by the board's designee, the building principal. In making this decision, the principal shall be guided by the procedures as presented herein. Decisions regarding approval of absences and eligibility for credit may be appealed in accordance with district policy.


Lawful Absences


Unlawful Absences

**Attendance Intervention Conferences must be held any time a student misses 3 consecutive unverified or unexcused days, or when a student has 5 days of unverified or unexcused absences. **


Early Dismissals

The latest early dismissal is 2:45 pm.

Parents who must take a student out of school during the day should follow these procedures:


Arriving Late To School/Tardy to Class

Students who arrive after 8:30 must obtain a Late Permit from the attendance office. The tardy will be entered into the student’s attendance record.  Teachers will record student’s tardies to class. Tardiness will be excused for doctor or dentist appointments or for a late bus. Other late arrivals are unexcused. See student handbook for Tardy Discipline Policies.  

Late Buses

Students depending on district transportation to school will not be penalized for a late bus.  To insure accurate record keeping, if a bus is late, students are to report to the attendance office