Speech and Debate

Congratulations to the Riverside High School Speech and Debate Team for winning its sixth consecutive state championship. The contest was held at R. B. Stall High School on March 3rd and 4th. Riverside claimed both the AAAAA state title and the overall sweepstakes award.

Senior Devin Remley won three state championships: in Original Oratory, Informative Speaking, and Expository Speaking. For the second year in a row, the team of seniors Nicole Patterson and Neil Gramopadhye were champions in Public Forum Debate. Three more seniors won state championships: Daniella Diaz in Program Oral Interpretation Dean Lage in Congressional Debate, and Bjore Samard in Impromptu Speaking. Other state champions include Sooruj Bhatia, junior, in Humorous Interpretation; Shalyn Drakeford, freshman, in Novice Reading; Janine D’Souza, freshman, in Novice Lincoln Douglas Debate; Phillip Martin, sophomore, in Storytelling; Elizabeth Sanchez, sophomore, in Declamation; Parth Vashi, sophomore, in SPAR debate; and the team of Ahva Zadeh, junior and Stephan Voelk, sophomore in Duo Interpretation.

These students were named outstanding novices in their events: Daniella Diaz, senior, in both Dramatic Interpretation and Program Oral Interpretation; Ryan Du, freshman, in Storytelling; Shantal Gomez, junior, in Poetry; Abby Hickey, junior, in Congressional Debate; and Priyanka Shah, freshman, in both Extemporaneous Debate and Impromptu Speaking.

Senior officers include Captains Manu Budidi and Devin Remley, Speech Chairman Faith Ingle, Debate Chairman Nicole Patterson, and House Leader Carolyn Bubanich. The team is coached by David Dejesa, school advisor and debate coach; Greg Cook, speech coach; and volunteer coaches Heather Brown, Mel Gaddy, Pete Martin, Rhett Reese, and John Williams.

A complete list of Riverside winners follows:

Janine D’Souza, 1st in Novice Lincoln Douglas Debate
Brooke Reid, 2nd in Novice Lincoln Douglas Debate
Hannah Kim, 4th in Novice Lincoln Douglas Debate
Arhum Kouser, 6th in Novice Lincoln Douglas Debate

Jaimie McKeel, 2nd in Varsity Lincoln Douglas Debate
Carolyn Bubanich, 3rd in Varsity Lincoln Douglas Debate
Julia Murray, 4th in Varsity Lincoln Douglas Debate
JD Dawson, 5th in Varsity Lincoln Douglas Debate

Nicole Patterson and Neil Gramopadhye, 1st in Public Forum Debate
Pratamesh Ramasubramanian and Josh Woo, 2nd Public Forum Debate

Parth Vashi, 1st in SPAR Debate
JD Dawson, 2nd in SPAR Debate
Sonalika Karpe, 3rd in SPAR Debate

Dean Lage, 1st in Congressional Debate
Audrey Dods, 3rd in Congressional Debate
Abby Hickey, 4th in Congressional Debate
Sonalika Karpe, 5th in Congressional Debate
Abby Hickey, Outstanding Novice in Congressional Debate

Bjore Samard, 2nd in Extemporaneous Speaking
Will Tapp, 3rd in Extemporaneous Speaking
Jordan Childs, 4th in Extemporaneous Speaking
Kelly Wang, 5th in Extemporaneous Speaking
Priyanka Shah, Outstanding Novice in Extemporaneous Speaking

Bjore Samard, 1st in Impromptu Speaking
Jordan Childs, 4th in Impromptu Speaking
Will Tapp, 6th in Impromptu Speaking
Kelly Wang, Semifinalist in Impromptu Speaking
Priyanka Shah, Semifinalist in Impromptu Speaking
Andrei Robu, Semifinalist in Impromptu Speaking
Priyanka Shah, Outstanding Novice in Impromptu Speaking

Elizabeth Sanchez, 1st in Declamation
Ian Chiu, 2nd in Declamation
Rohit Yarlagadda, 6th in Declamation
Payton Frappier, Semifinalist in Declamation

Devin Remley, 1st in Expository
Allie Watts, 2nd in Expository
Andrei Robu, 3rd in Expository

Devin Remley, 1st in Original Oratory
Mit Patel, 2nd in Original Oratory
Matt Thomas, 3rd in Original Oratory
Manu Budidi, 5th in Original Oratory
Faith Ingle, Semifinalist in Original Oratory
Michael Gallagher, Semifinalist in Original Oratory

Anne Hunter Cox, 2nd in Dramatic Interpretation
Emma Simonis, 3rd in Dramatic Interpretation
Daniella Diaz, 4th in Dramatic Interpretation
Lucy Wang, 6th in Dramatic Interpretation
Daniel Diaz, Outstanding Novice in Dramatic Interpretation

Sooruj Bhatia, 1st in Humorous Interpretation
Emma Simonis, 3rd in Humorous Interpretation
Phillip Martin, 4th in Humorous Interpretation
Emma Dell Fletcher, 6th in Humorous Interpretation
Stephan Voelk, Semifinalist
Monique Louw, Semifinalist
Stephanie Gonzalez, Semifinalist
Erden Ucok, Semifinalist

Daniella Diaz, 1st in Program Oral Interpretation
Sooruj Bhatia, 2nd in Program Oral Interpretation
Lucy Wang, 3rd in Program Oral Interpretation
Monique Louw, 5th in Program Oral Interpretation
Erden Ucok, 6th in Program Oral Interpretation
Daniella Diaz, Outstanding Novice in Program Oral Interpretation

Devin Remley, 1st in Informative Speaking
Sooruj Bhatia, 2nd in Informative Speaking
Michael Gallagher, 3rd in Informative Speaking
Rohit Yarlagadda, 4th in Informative Speaking
Allie Watts, 5th in Informative Speaking
Ian Chiu, 6th in Informative Speaking

Ahva Zadeh and Stephan Voelk, 1st in Duo Interpretation
Faith Ingle and Monique Louw, 3rd in Duo Interpretation
Elizabeth Sanchez and Manu Budidi, 6th in Duo Interpretation

Phillip Martin, 1st in Storytelling
Ryan Du, 2nd in Storytelling
Faith Ingle, 3rd in Storytelling
Cindy Li, 6th in Storytelling
Ryan Du, Outstanding Novice in Storytelling

Shalyn Drakeford, 1st in Novice Reading
Melody Pham, 2nd in Novice Reading
Ryan Du, 3rd in Novice Reading
Talia Samard, 4th in Novice Reading
Bobby Matthews, 5th in Novice Reading
Shantal Gomez, Semifinalist in Novice Reading
Tina Fadel, Semifinalist in Novice Reading

Shantal Gomez, 2nd in Poetry
Allison Devolve, 6th in Poetry
Shantal Gomez, Outstanding Novice in Poetry


Seniors:  To order the group panoramic photo, go to www.images-sc.com.  Click the online button.  Enter RHS17 for keyword AND password. Photos will be mailed home. 




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