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Senior Information

Senior year is often an extremely busy time, with schoolwork, activities, and special events. Be sure to stay on track with the college admissions process. Get organized, be aware of deadlines, and don’t procrastinate. With any forethought as a junior, you will have done much of your preliminary work and will be able to hit this list running. Start early nonetheless.

The School Counseling Activity Calendar and Senior Smoke Signals, a publication produced by the School Counseling Department will help keep you up-to-date with deadlines and events throughout your senior year. The Senior Smoke Signals is posted on this web site monthly for seniors and their parents.

That long, long list of things to do spells out the various subjects that you are going to have to juggle. You are going to have to:

The Calendar and monthly Smoke Signals will give you clues about staying on schedule, but its going to be up to you.

Important Announcements

Attention Males 17 & 18 Years of Age - Males 17 & 18 years  old are reminded that when you turn 18, it is your civic responsibility to register with the Selective Service. Registering with the Selective Service is a federal law and those who fail to register may be denied student loans, job training, government jobs, and driver's licenses in most states. You can get a Selective Service registration card at your local post office or register online at