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Pre-Enrollment for 2018 – 2019 School Year

Riverside High School will begin Pre-Enrollment for the 2018-2019 school year for students not currently enrolled in a Greenville County School April 12, 2018 by appointment. This includes current private school, non-affilated Greenville County Schools Charter Schools, and homeschooled students. After this time, pre-enrollment will close and will begin in June.  Please check our website for summer enrollment dates. There will be numerous opportunities to enroll during the summer.

Enrollment packets and appointment times will be available for pick up beginning on March 27, 2018.  To expedite the enrollment process, please have all documentation and paperwork completed prior to coming in for your appointment.  Additionally, please bring a copy of your student's transcript and most recent report card to facilitate proper placement in courses.

This is a reminder that the deadline for parents to override a teacher's recommendation for courses next year is March 29 by 4 PM. Parents or students may come to the counseling office and pick-up a form and follow the process outlined on the back of the form. The process to complete a Parent Override takes at least two days. Parents should pick-up forms prior to March 26  in order to have time to complete the required steps. March 28 is the absolute deadline for teacher signatures on the form.

2018 Graduation Signs
Celebrate your Senior with a VIP yard sign! Personalized Graduation Signs  Your purchase helps supports the RHS Service Learning program.

2018-19 Updated Academic Calendar

Attached are the updated 2018-19 school calendars for employees and for students in English and Spanish. They contain some adjustments to testing and exam dates. Calendars were created by a District Calendar Committee comprised of teachers, parents, administrators, and staff. Basic calendar requirements and considerations along with input from staff and parent groups were used as part of the development process. Please share these updated calendars with members of your faculty, staff, and parent community. Thank you for all of your comments and suggestions which contributed to the final development of the calendar.

Vaping in school

Hello parents. We want to make you aware of an issue that has arisen, not just here, but on school campuses throughout Greenville, the state, and the country. Vaping resulted in three referrals for the entire year last year. We have had more than double that in just the last week. This is not limited to a few students, or groups. Many referrals have been issued to students who have never had a referral in their entire school life. The product that has been the main culprit in that increase is a vape called a JUUL.  As you can see in the below picture, these JUULs look much like a USB drive, not something that could be smoked, and they are incredibly easy to hide, emitting very little vapor when in use. These JUULs, as well as other vapes, use a nicotine oil and can have other substances added to them if the user desires. In the interest of student health and safety, and the increased use of vapes/e-cigarettes on campus, we will be increasing the penalty for the use or posession of vapes/e-cigarettes, oils, and accessories to a day of suspension for the first offense, two days for a second offense, and three days for the third offense. This new, harsher consequence will begin to be enforced beginning Monday, February 5. We have notified the students via announcements and sent out a phone message as well.

Welcome to the Reservation

"A big WARRIOR WELCOME to Riverside High School on behalf of our students, staff, and parents!  High school can be a large adjustment for all.  We hope this guide helps each family make the transition as smooth as possible.  Never hesitate to contact us with questions.  We hope you have a great year on The Reservation!" Click here to review the Student Survival Guide.

Tribal Talks

Tribal TalksRiverside firmly believes in molding well-rounded students, which includes opportunities for activity and personal growth outside the classroom.   We hope all students, parents, faculty, alumni, and friends can use the following information to become involved on The Reservation.  Click here to find a list of activities, groups, and events with brief group information, contacts, and a primary place for you to look for updates