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Boebel, NicoleFifthEmail Nicole Boebel355-4285Visit My Site - Nicole Boebel
Boling, HollySpecial EducationEmail Holly Boling355-4363 
Boyle, StephanieSpecial EducationEmail Stephanie Boyle355-4290Visit My Site - Stephanie Boyle
Braga, MarshaFifthEmail Marsha Braga355-4375Visit My Site - Marsha Braga
Chisholm, ElizabethKindergartenEmail Elizabeth Chisholm355-3028Visit My Site - Elizabeth Chisholm
Craig, CindySecondEmail Cindy Craig355-4282Visit My Site - Cindy Craig
Cromer, KellyFourthEmail Kelly Cromer355-4283Visit My Site - Kelly Cromer
Dix, KaylaThirdEmail Kayla Dix355-4362Visit My Site - Kayla Dix
Dominguez, KristinaCafeteriaEmail Kristina Dominguez355-4268 
Dunlap, BethRelated ArtsEmail Beth Dunlap355-4284Visit My Site - Beth Dunlap
Durham, MarcyMedia CenterEmail Marcy Durham355-4265 
Estelle, SelaFourthEmail Sela Estelle355-4289Visit My Site - Sela Estelle
Evangelista, AdeleMaintenanceEmail Adele Evangelista355-4260 
Evans, RoxanaAdministrationEmail Roxana Evans355-4260 
Evans, RoxanaESOLEmail Roxana Evans3554286Visit My Site - Roxana Evans
Fecht, CarrieCafeteriaEmail Carrie Fecht355-4268 
Foster, CelethaMaintenanceEmail Celetha Foster355-4260 
Foster, HannahSpecial EducationEmail Hannah Foster355-4387 
Frank, CrystalAdministrationEmail Crystal Frank355-3028 
Gasparich, AmyFirstEmail Amy Gasparich355-4368Visit My Site - Amy Gasparich
Gerard, EmilyAdministrationEmail Emily Gerard355-4271 
Gosnell, HollyFifthEmail Holly Gosnell355-4288Visit My Site - Holly Gosnell
Gyauch, AlisaSupportEmail Alisa Gyauch355-4290 
Hagans, BabbettSpecial EducationEmail Babbett Hagans355-4387Visit My Site - Babbett Hagans
Hawkins, ChristineRelated ArtsEmail Christine Hawkins355-4361Visit My Site - Christine Hawkins
Hever, ShannonSupportEmail Shannon Hever355-4287 
Hiller, Mary BethFirstEmail Mary Beth Hiller355-4364Visit My Site - Mary Beth Hiller
Hinds, SarahSpecial EducationEmail Sarah Hinds355-4281Visit My Site - Sarah Hinds
Holliday, JacqueCafeteriaEmail Jacque Holliday355-4268 
Holloway, NikkiSupportEmail Nikki Holloway355-4278Visit My Site - Nikki Holloway
Holtzclaw, HollyFifthEmail Holly Holtzclaw355-4379Visit My Site - Holly Holtzclaw
Howard, SaraRelated ArtsEmail Sara Howard3554365Visit My Site - Sara Howard
Huff, LouiseFirstEmail Louise Huff355-4367Visit My Site - Louise Huff
Humphrey, JenniferThirdEmail Jennifer Humphrey355-4260Visit My Site - Jennifer Humphrey
Jones, SarahRelated ArtsEmail Sarah Jones355-4735Visit My Site - Sarah Jones
Kay, ReneeKindergartenEmail Renee Kay355-3028 
Lamb, KayMaintenanceEmail Kay Lamb355-4260 
Lark, DonnaMaintenanceEmail Donna Lark355-4260 
Livingston, JanetKindergartenEmail Janet Livingston355-4280 
Loudermilk, DougMaintenanceEmail Doug Loudermilk355-4269 
Mahaffey, VickyFourthEmail Vicky Mahaffey355-4370Visit My Site - Vicky Mahaffey
Mahon, BethSecondEmail Beth Mahon355-4385Visit My Site - Beth Mahon
Marlowe, BrendaAdministrationEmail Brenda Marlowe355-4262 
Matson, ElinaCafeteriaEmail Elina Matson355-4268 
Merritt, SherriKindergartenEmail Sherri Merritt355-4367 
Meyer, AmandaFirstEmail Amanda Meyer355-4260Visit My Site - Amanda Meyer
Morrison, JenniferSecondEmail Jennifer Morrison355-4374Visit My Site - Jennifer Morrison
Moss, SheilaSupportEmail Sheila Moss355-4380Visit My Site - Sheila Moss
Nelson, LoriSupportEmail Lori Nelson355-4264Visit My Site - Lori Nelson
Oslager, JoEllenKindergartenEmail JoEllen Oslager355-4276 
Padilla, DeannaFirstEmail Deanna Padilla355-4275Visit My Site - Deanna Padilla
Parrish, MichaelRelated ArtsEmail Michael Parrish355-1000Visit My Site - Michael Parrish
Poe, BrookeKindergartenEmail Brooke Poe355-4276Visit My Site - Brooke Poe
Poitevint, MarthaRelated ArtsEmail Martha Poitevint355-4378Visit My Site - Martha Poitevint
Powell, TinaKindergartenEmail Tina Powell355-4277Visit My Site - Tina Powell
Presnell, PaulaThirdEmail Paula Presnell355-4260Visit My Site - Paula Presnell
Reed, AustinFifthEmail Austin Reed355-4273Visit My Site - Austin Reed
Reid, JaneThirdEmail Jane Reid355-4263Visit My Site - Jane Reid
Reyes, StephanieCafeteriaEmail Stephanie Reyes355-4268 
Riebe, ElizabethFourthEmail Elizabeth Riebe355-4280Visit My Site - Elizabeth Riebe
Rodriguez, NomarRelated ArtsEmail Nomar Rodriguez355-0461Visit My Site - Nomar Rodriguez
Roe, NancySecondEmail Nancy Roe355-4376Visit My Site - Nancy Roe
Ross, AshleyKindergartenEmail Ashley Ross355-4371Visit My Site - Ashley Ross
Smith, LeslieThirdEmail Leslie Smith355-4372Visit My Site - Leslie Smith
Sulau, NatalieFirstEmail Natalie Sulau355-4366Visit My Site - Natalie Sulau
Timmons, TriciaESOLEmail Tricia Timmons355-4286Visit My Site - Tricia Timmons
Van Deren, JoanCafeteriaEmail Joan Van Deren355-4260 
Watson, MacieCafeteriaEmail Macie Watson355-4268 
Wentzky, CallieSpecial EducationEmail Callie Wentzky355-4291Visit My Site - Callie Wentzky
White, LatonyaSpecial EducationEmail Latonya White355-4387 
Williams, DonnaSupportEmail Donna Williams355-4267 
Windham, LislSecondEmail Lisl Windham355-4279Visit My Site - Lisl Windham
Wise, DavidAdministrationEmail David Wise355-4260 
Zannini, JessicaMedia CenterEmail Jessica Zannini355-4373Visit My Site - Jessica Zannini
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The School District of Greenville County
Paris Elementary is part of the Greenville County School District, the largest school district in South Carolina and 51st largest in the nation.

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Greenville County Schools has been awarded National Accreditation from the AdvancEd Accreditation Commission.