Paris Elementary Mission, 

Beliefs & Purpose



Our mission is to prepare students to continue

active, literate, lifelong learning.

Our Beliefs

©      Educational goals are best accomplished in a safe and comfortable environment.

©      Creative thinking and problem solving skills are essential for life-long learning.

©      All children have individual strengths, needs, and learning styles.

©      Education is a shared responsibility of home, school, and the community.

©      Curriculum and instruction meet the changing needs of students and the community.

©      All students share the responsibility to be active learners.

©      Positive discipline fosters accountability and self-respect.

©      Parental involvement and volunteer services enrich learning.

©      Students are the center of the learning process.

©      Diversity enriches education.

©      Dignity, respect, and appreciation are important.


The purpose of our school is to act in conjunction with the home and the community in developing confident, contributing lifelong learners by providing innovative, educational experiences which emphasize critical and creative thinking.




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The School District of Greenville County
Paris Elementary is part of the Greenville County School District, the largest school district in South Carolina and 51st largest in the nation.

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