Ventriloquist J.J. Puryear visited Paris on Thursday with a message of being "Kind and Caring," the choice of the day. His friends Sammy the Squirrel and Edgar the Dodo bird helped him convey the message of the Golden Rule. Students and staff equally enjoyed the performance. Mr. Puryear is a Paris parent and the designer of all of the school's logos for the 100th year celebration.

Law Enforcement officers visited earlier in the week to emphasize the message "Make Wise Choices." Students were treated to a helicopter, a SWAT team truck, and a drug dog from the Greenville County Sheriff's Office. Officers definitely had students' attention and made positive connections with them. Students thoroughly enjoyed the memorable event. The adults did, also! Thank you to Officer Joe Hand, a Paris Elementary parent, for arranging the demonstrations. Thank you also to Officers Chris Hines and Dave Ruth who presented the helicopter and to our SWAT team officer.

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