BooneMeet Starr Boone
Third Grade Teacher
Oakview Elementary

Six years ago I had the opportunity to do a boot camp. There was a pretest for running a mile, sit ups, and push ups. I NEVER had a run a mile that I remember. I always grew up dancing and running was a big "no, no." At 44 years old, I ran the first mile at 18 minutes. The goal was to run a 10 minute mile. I had a long way to go but after 6 weeks, I could run the pace.

Now, I have grown to running a marathon, 26.2 miles. This is my second marathon and I am proud to say I am running it for Maci's Angels Team which supports St. Jude. I raised $1260.00 for St. Jude with the help of many friends, coworkers, and family. I typically run Race for the Cure, Reedy River Run, Newspaper Run, Cooper River Bridge, and Peach Tree.