Math Webquests

People Patterns
Can you find the person that goes next in these patterns?

Guess My Button
How many questions will it take for you to "Guess My Button"?

Pattern Block Fractions
Use pattern blocks to explore fractions!

Tangram Designs
Read the legend of the Tangram. Then print out your own tangram so you can
make designs!

Addition Matho
See how many addition problems you can complete in 1 minute!

Subtraction Hidden Picture
Reveal a hidden picture as you answer your subtraction facts.

Multiplication Hidden Picture
Reveal a hidden picture as you practice your multiplication facts.

Math Baseball
Play baseball as you practice your addition, subtraction, multiplication, and/or division facts!

The Number Monster
Can you beat the Number Monster? You'll have to know your math facts!

You'll need to know your math facts to survive this attack!

Brain Benders
Do you think you're a genius?? How about your parents?? Find out here!
Pizza Party
Can you tell how much pizza is left? Great fraction practice.
Counting Change
Can you match the coins to their amount?
Fill-In Equation
You have to fill in the missing numbers in these addition and subtraction
Number Families
Do you know your fact families? Practice them here!
Place Value
Find the number in a certain place value.
Willie The Watchdog
A 2-player game about telling time to the half-hour.
Train Travels
Which train should I take? Help the characters take the right train so they
arrive on time.

Measure It
Use a virtual ruler to measure objects on the computer!

Ant Perimeters
Find the perimeters of shapes with the help of Adam Ant. See if you can
figure out the perimeter before he does!

Square Perimeters
For an extra challenge, see if you can find the perimeters of these squares.
Remember a square has 4 equal sides!

Number Cracker
See if you can find the number that fits into these patterns. Easy, medium,
and hard levels available.

Shape Patterns
What shape would come next in these patterns?

Piggy Bank
Can you break the Piggy Bank? First, figure out which coins will equal the
total value!