Oakview Owls Student Gallery


Food Drive

Oakview students collected items for Hurrican victims.  The items were donated to Rush to Relief.

Morning Tutors

2017-2018 Morning Tutors

Geography Bee Winners 2017-2018 Geography Bee Finalists
Tree Planting

Each 5th grade class, with the help of a trained environmentalist from Trees Greenville, planted one legacy tree to represent their time here at Oakview. Students learned about how trees reduce air pollution, provide habitats for different species, create needed shade in a growing city environment, and provide biodiversity in our ecosystem. These six trees (varieties of oaks and poplars) will survive for about 100 years each and are a vital part of maintaining and refurbishing Oakview's natural environment. 

Coat drive 2017-2018 Student Council Coat Drive.  Over 300 coats donated to Grier Relief.