Student Awards

Student Awards

RC Winners

Reading Counts Winners 

In one month Oakview students earned 10,722 points. This translated into 538 new books for classrooms! Cumulatively, students have earned nearly 1,800 books for the classroom for the entire year. Way to go Oakview Owls! Second grade is due an honorable mention as all classrooms were represented in the contest and their grade level point total was 2,848 in one month.

First Grade: Ms. Szymanska- 922 points
Second Grade: Mr. Gambrell- 922 points
Third Grade: Ms. Angelo- 1,374 points (overall school winner)
Fourth Grade: Ms. Hand- 624 points
Fifth Grade: Ms. Satterfield- 319 points

Student Art on Display

Oakview Art on Display at M.T. Anderson 

Several of Oakview's amazing artworks were chosen for display at MT Anderson. Student works include prints, paintings, sculptures and also cover many genres art from Pop Art to Modern Sculpture. Congratulations to the artists listed below, who's work was featured. 

5th: Carlie, Oliver, John, Max, Ellie, Athena, Ashley, Maclean, and Lila
4th: Carson, Andrew, Ally, Erica, Olivia, Avery, Anna, andKarcin,
3rd: Samantha, Lucy, and Kyira
2nd: Marie 
1st: Ann Marie, Sam, Dylan, and Sam




Reflections Winners

Reflections: "The Magic of a Moment"

Click here to see a full list of winners for each category.







Bridge Competition

Best Craftsmanship

Best Craftsmanship

2nd Place
Michelle Cruz
Allen Choi




Best Structural DesignBest Structural Design 

1st Place
Andrew Chekanov
Elsa Shaikh
Devan Colby



Best Architectural DesignBest Architectural Design 

2nd Place
John Phillips
Amanda Nnodim
Josh Newton