This year, students in third, fourth, and fifth grades in South Carolina will take the SC College-and-Career Ready Assessment (SC READY), which is comprised of the ELA (writing and reading) and mathematics tests.  Additionally, students in fourth grade will take the SC Palmetto Assessments of State Standards (SCPASS) science test, and students in fifth grade will take the SCPASS social studies test.

Both SC READY and SCPASS are untimed tests. The ELA assessments will be administered in the paper-format; whereas, the mathematics, science, and social studies tests will be administered with an online-format. Items on SC READY will include selected response, short answer, evidence-based selected response, and text-dependent analysis. Evidence-based selected response will require students to read a piece of text or a passage and choose the best answer from answer choices. Text-dependent analysis will require students to read a piece of text or a passage and draw upon that text for their extended written responses. Items on SCPASS will be multiple choice.

SC READY and SCPASS tests are aligned to state standards and what is taught in your child’s classroom.

SC READY ELA Writing (3-5th) - Paper  = Wednesday May 8, 2019
SC READY ELA Reading (3-5th) - Paper = Thursday May 9, 2019
SC READY Mathematics (3-5th) - Online =Tuesday May 14, 2019
SCPASS Science (4th) - Online = Wednesday May 15, 2019
SCPASS Social Studies (5th) - Online = Wednesday May 15, 2019