Homework Helpers: Transition Words

Transition words and phrases help establish clear connections between ideas and ensure that sentences and paragraphs flow together smoothly, making them easier to read. Use the following words and phrases in the following circumstances.

Words to use to show an Example 

For example

To illustrate

For instance

To demonstrate

In particular

Specifically Particularly

Words to use to indicate a Result or an Effect


So Finally Thus Consequently Hence Therefore

To Compare or Contrast


Yet However In comparison In contrast
Likewise Similarly Nevertheless On the other hand Whereas

To Summarize


To sum up In brief To summarize Overall To put it briefly Summing up

To Conclude


Thus In conclusion So Given these facts Therefore To conclude

Words to use to indicate a Cause or Reason


For Because Since Because of Due to For the reason that

To Indicate a Purpose or Reason Why

For fear that

So that In the hope that In order to So With this in mind

 To Indicate a Specific Time Frame or a Shift From One Time Period to Another


During Before Soon Currently Subsequently
First...Second...etc. Next Eventually Previously Finally Meanwhile
Simultaneously Lastly Formerly Later Immediately Initially

Words to show More Information


In fact Furthermore In addition Moreover Indeed