Debbie HowellMitchell Road Elementary School - Cafeteria

Debbie Howell, Food Service Manager   


We are excited to announce that Mitchell Road will continue upon a new healthier menu and overall nutritional climate this upcoming school year.  Food choices will be prepared in a healthier fashion, and more fresh fruit and vegetables will be added to the menu. Each day students will have a choice of: 1) traditional entrée, 2) vegetarian entrée and 3) homemade soup & salad.

The USDA has imposed new regulations on the school lunch program.  Calories, protein, and bread requirements have been decreased while fruit and vegetable requirements have increased.  The new regulations are very strict in that certain serving sizes and categories of products have been assigned to each of the food components that make up the meal.  As part of the new regulations, every child must have either a fruit or a vegetable on their tray when they leave the serving area. To view USDA requirements click on the link. 

Current Student Meal Prices:   

Lunch:  Full Paid  $2.50  Reduced  $0.40     Breakfast:  Free!     Extra Milk:  $0.65

Adult Meal Prices:         

Lunch:  $3.80                                                      Breakfast:  $2.10                                                      Extra Milk:  $0.65

USDA Lunch Requirements  

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