Website Evaluation

Use the C.R.A.A.P. test to evaluate your group's website.

Group 1
Famous Artists
Dog Island


Group 2
Kitty Yoga
Greenville Arts


Group 3
Georgia Tech


Group 4
Baby Bush
Picasso Museum


Group 5
The Louvre
Boilerplate Robot


Group 6
Musee d'Orsay
Black Helicopters


Group 7
Frederic Remington

Group 8
Museum of American History
Jetlag Travel Guides


Group 9
Lynchburg, VA
The White House


Group 10
The Haggis Hunt
Metropolitan Museum of Art


Group 11
Giverny Gardens
Feorran Grammar


Group 12
California's Velcro Crop


Group 13
Norman Rockwell Museum
Dihydrogen Monoxide


Group 14

Group 15
Save the Tree Octopus
Saturday Evening Post


Group 16
Republic of Molossia
Teen Ink


Group 17
The Van Gogh Gallery
Mankato, Minnesota


Group 18
Save the Guinea Worm
Clemson University


Group 19
Musee Rodin


Group 20
SC Dept. of Motor Vehicles
Flying Penguins


Group 21
Dangers of Bread
Fodor's Travel

Group 22
Flying Penguins
OWL Writing Lab


Group 23
Detector Beanie


Group 24
International Travel


Group 25
Red Cross
Petrol Direct


Group 26
Henry Ford
Teleco Powered Products


Group 27
Pets or Food
High Museum of Art


Group 28
Dehydrated Water
Riverbanks Zoo

Group 29
Mankato, Minnesota
Denver Downs


Group 30
National Geographic
Funky Shoes


Group 31
Sasquatch Militia
Moments in Black History


Group 32
Bill Nye
Time Travel Fund


Group 33
Dog Island


Group 34
Scenic Mankato
National Beta Club


Group 35
Save the Rennets