Career Development

EEDA Legislation

On May 27, 2005, Governor Mark Sanford signed the Education and Economic Development Act (EEDA). This new legislation is designed to give South Carolina students the educational tools they need to build prosperous, successful futures. Gaps between students’ preparation and the requirements of the real-world economy leave many students unable to find good jobs and many businesses unable to find workers qualified to help them succeed.

The EEDA provides a system called Personal Pathways to Success to help South Carolina students and businesses meet these challenges. Combining high academic standards with enhanced opportunities to explore career options and build real-life working skills, Personal Pathways to Success gives students the guidance and experience they need to take full advantage of real opportunities in the South Carolina economy.

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The Individual Graduation Plan Process

The Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) is a document that states the student’s intentions related to courses taken during high school. The courses that are taken are determined in part on where the student’s interests lie. It can be modified over time as interests and skills develop or change. The IGP is like a road map to the future: if the student stays on course, the student will reach the destination – graduation – with all the courses, skills and experience needed to take his education or career to the next level. Each year the student, parents/guardians, and counselors will review and update the plans for the coming year.

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Career Clusters by Schools of Study

Career clusters are groups of jobs and occupations with similar characteristics. There are 16 recognized career clusters within various schools of study.

School of Arts, Media & Communication

School of Business, Marketing & Information Systems

School of Engineering, Manufacturing & Environmental Sciences

School of Public & Human Services

SC Pathways

The SC Pathways site provides educational and career planning resources to all South Carolinians. To obtain user codes, please see your Guidance Counselor. You will be assigned a username and password to access the site.


This site gives students access to a career assessment and other career information. To obtain user codes, see your Guidance Counselor. 

Explore Test for Middle School

The Explore Test is an 8th grade version of the ACT. The ACT is usually taken by 11th and 12th grade students for college admissions and scholarships. There are four academic tests on the Explore Test: English, Math, Reading, and Science. There is also a career component in the form of an interest inventory.

This test lets students see if they are on track for college, shows them what areas they need to improve in, helps them plan for high school courses, and helps them find careers that match their interests.

Informal Assessments

An informal assessment is a way for students and adults to begin the exploration of their interests, skills, and values. This information can then be used to search for the career path that is most suitable for the person. Students are encouraged to take the informal assessments on the sites below, as they begin their career exploration. These sites provide informal assessment opportunities for students to learn more about their interests, skills and values.

Experiential Learning Opportunities (ELO’s)

Students at Mauldin Middle School have the chance to experience guest speakers in the classroom that allow students to connect classroom learning with real world employment. Additionally, field experiences are available and introduce students to careers representing multiple career clusters. Opportunities for job shadowing allow students a hands-on experience in a particular career cluster of interest.

SCETV’s Career Aisle Videos

Visit SCETV online for additional resources for students to use as they begin exploring the world of work.


Additional Resources