Student Parking

The link below contains the required information and forms for students who wish to drive to school. Students and parents are asked to carefully read through these documents before applying for a parking pass.

Special Note About 2019-20
Due to lack of availability starting Fall 2019, we will no longer be able to accept sophomore student drivers - no sophomore parking spots will be sold next year. Parents, please plan accordingly.

In order to purchase a parking permit, each student must:

  • Print out, complete, and have parents initial and sign the 2019-2020 parking application (available on the Mauldin High School webpage soon).
  • Provide a copy of a valid South Carolina driver's license, current insurance, and current registration (these copies MUST be attached to the parking application).
  • Have completed a student driver program with a company certified by the SCDMV.
  • Pay your 2019-2020 class dues (valid printed receipt MUST be attached to your application).
  • Pay your 2019-2020 technology/Chromebook fee (valid printed receipt MUST be attached to your application).
  • Be clear of any unpaid debts or fees from prior years.
  • Pay the $60.00 parking fee (valid receipt MUST be attached to your application).
All parking payments will be processed through My School Bucks. Seniors will be able to purchase passes starting July 15th, and Juniors will be able to purchase passes starting July 22nd. A link to My School Bucks can be found on the front page of the MHS website.

Students will pick up their parking passes on their Schedule Day, (August 6th for Seniors and August 7th for Juniors), and they must bring their completed and parent signed parking application along with a copy of their driver's license, current insurance, registration, and receipt from their online parking pass purchase. Students must also bring a copy of their receipts showing where they paid their Chromebook fee and class dues. Parking passes will not be provided without each of the required items and failure to provide the correct documentation could result in the denial of parking privileges and a refund of your parking pass purchase.

Passes will be assigned by random draw on your assigned Schedule Day. Seniors will have the closest numbered spots while Juniors will receive spots closer to the football field.

Parking passes will be sold to Senior and Junior students only. Due to the anticipated demand from large Senior and Junior classes as well as the recent growth in mid-year transfers of Senior and Junior students, parking spaces will not be made available to Sophomores during the 2019-2020 school year.

On Schedule Day, maps will be provided to show you where your spot is located. If someone is parked in your spot, DO NOT park in another numbered space. Overflow parking will be available, and you may park in one of these marked spaces and then report the incident to the front office. We will investigate and address the issue and issue a parking fine if applicable.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the permit process and look forward to a great 2019-2020 school year.