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Tarah Smith
Tarah Smith
Fax: 864-355-6657
Mary Belvin
Mary Belvin
Fax: 864-355-6657

Submit an Absence Excuse Electronically

Parents can now submit excuse notes (doctor's notes, parent notes, etc.) electronically by providing the requested information below. Please use the e-mail addresses above to e-mail either Mrs. Smith or Mrs. Belvin.

Student’s Name
Date of Absence
Reason for Absence
Parent/Guardian Name
Parent/Guardian Phone Number

You may also attach the medical note to e-mail.

Submit an Early Dismissal Form Electronically

To submit an early dismissal request electronically, please send the information below to either Mrs. Smith or Mrs. Wade using the e-mail addresses above.

Student Name
Dismissal Time
Parent/Guardian Name
Parent/Guardian Phone Number

***Please ask your student to pick up their early dismissal form between classes or during lunch in the attendance office. We do not call students out of class.

Seat Time Recovery Information
Explanation of Seat Time Recovery Program
Remaining STR Dates 2018-19
Questions about Seat Time can be sent to Kelly Yanity - or 864-355-6641
Absence Laws

In accordance with the South Carolina School Attendance Law, The School District of Greenville County has adopted uniform rules to assure students attend school regularly. Each day that students are not in school, they miss hours of valuable instruction and opportunities for learning they will not have again. Students are responsible for tracking their attendance in order to ensure they receive credit for all of their courses. There is no guarantee of Seat Time Recovery so students should strive to be in each class on time.

Students are counted present only when they are actually in classes at least one-half of the class period, are on homebound instruction, or are present at an activity authorized by the school principal. The official record of attendance in class will be recorded by the teacher.

  • The school year consists of two 90-day semesters. To receive credit in 90-day semester courses, students must attend at least 85 days of each 90-day semester course as well as meet all of the minimum requirements for each course. ANY UNEXCUSED ABSENCE IN EXCESS OF FIVE DAYS MAY CAUSE THE STUDENT TO LOSE CREDIT FOR THE COURSE.
  • For a 180-day course, the student must attend at least 170 days of each school year to receive credit as well as meet all of the minimum requirements for each course. ANY UNEXCUSED ABSENCE IN EXCESS OF TEN DAYS MAY CAUSE THE STUDENT TO LOSE CREDIT FOR THE COURSE.

Lawful absences include but are not limited to:

  • absences caused by a student’s own illness and whose attendance in school would endanger his or her health or the health of others
  • absences due to an illness or death in the student’s immediate family
  • absences due to a recognized religious holiday of the student’s faith
  • absences due to activities that are approved in advance by the principal


Truancy occurs when a student under 17 years of age accrues 6 all day unexcused absences. Students are contacted by the attendance office in an attempt to get notes from parents to cover these absences. A parent is then contacted if the student does not comply in one more effort to acquire notes. If both attempts are unsuccessful, a truancy referral is then created requiring student and parent to attend a conference with attendance.

College Days Prearranged (Juniors and Seniors)

Juniors and Seniors may request up to three college visits each year. Each visit must be to a different institution. In order for a college day to count as a field trip, the student must bring written proof of their visit to the institution on college letterhead the day they return to school.

The principal will not grant field trip status for the college visit for any class the student is failing or in which the student has more than ten (10) days of absences.

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Early Dismissals

The student is to bring a written request from their parent/guardian giving the reason, time to leave, and parent’s/guardian’s work, home or cell phone number to the attendance office before 8:45 a.m. It is best to have an early dismissal occur during class change. (REMEMBER: To be counted present in any class, the student must be in the class at least 1/2 of the class time.)

If the student does not bring a note to the attendance office before 8:45 a.m. or if the note cannot be verified, a parent/guardian (must be an approved contact in PowerSchool) must come to the front office and personally sign the student out after presenting valid picture identification. An approved contact may also email one of the attendance clerks or fax a note to the attendance office to request an early dismissal. We do not call into the classroom to notify student if email or fax is sent making such a request. No parent walk-in pickups for early dismissals will be issued after 3:00.

Student is to pick up the yellow form from the attendance office during the class change before the time of his/her dismissal. A student must not leave the building without a confirmed early dismissal form. If the student returns to school later that same day, they must sign back in with the attendance office. The return time on the yellow slip will serve as an admission to enter the class in progress. Early dismissals are coded as parent notes until a medical or other official lawful note is provided.

Early dismissals from the Health room are viewed as medical notes

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Returning from an Absence

It is the student's responsibility to present a parent or medical note explaining their absence to the attendance office upon return. A medical note (does not count against attendance) is preferred but a parent note (allows student to make up work but does count against attendance) is also acceptable and appears better in the system than an all-day unexcused absence. The attendance clerk will decide if the absence counts as excused or unexcused. The excuse will be filed in the student's attendance folder. No blanket medical excuses will be accepted.

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Students will have five minutes between classes to help them manage the hallways, go to lockers, visit restrooms and move from one end of campus to the other. Uninterrupted time on task is vital to the educational process and is one of the major goals at Mauldin High School. Students coming into class late disrupt that process. We expect students to be in class on time.

If a student arrives at school after 8:45 a.m., these steps must be followed:

  • Report to the attendance clerk to get a late permit. This step is vital to ensure that the student be counted present for the remainder of the day. Students arriving between 8:46-9:15 are marked tardy for 1st period. Students coming in after 9:15 are marked absent from 1st period.
  • In order to have an excused tardy, a student must present:

    • A student must present a late permit marked excused from the attendance clerk if just arriving to school
    • A student should provide a note from another teacher if detained by that teacher
    • A pass may be turned in acquired from administrators or guidance personnel who have detained the student
    • A notification via email that a bus has arrived late is sent to school personnel
    • A health room pass from the nurse is given to student

    When a student does not have such a note, his/her tardy is unexcused. A referral is issued when three unexcused tardies occur within a semester. The teachers and administrators will consistently follow a sequence of consequences for tardies.

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