Counseling Department

The Mauldin High School Counseling Department is available to assist students and parents with various concerns. If you need to contact the Counseling Department, you may do so by using the appropriate e-mail address provided below or contacting guidance by phone at 864-355-6655 or by fax at 864-355-6645. Before calling, please use the tabs above to search for desired information.

Counseling Department Staff
Connie Allred
Connie Allred
Lu Bigalke
Lu Bigalke
Counselor, 9-12 Q - St
Cecilia Brown
Cecilia Brown
No Image Available
Mandy Dewitt-Chandley
Barbara Hendricks
Barbara Hendricks
Tamaran Hightower
Tamaran Hightower
Counselor, 9-12 Ce - Fi
Gwen Hyer
Gwen Hyer
Counselor, 9-12 Fl - H
Marina Lewis,
Marina Lewis, LMSW
School Social Worker
Reggie Patterson
Reggie Patterson
Counselor, 9-12 Su - Z
Jill Purcell
Jill Purcell
Counselor, 9-12 A - Ca
Cheryl Scott
Cheryl Scott
Counselor, 9-12 McD - P
No Image Available
Jessica Tomlin
Elaine Wofford
Elaine Wofford
Counselor, 9-12 I - McC

Components of a Comprehensive School Counseling Program

The Mauldin High School Counseling Department provides a comprehensive school counseling program that consists of the following components:

1. Guidance Curriculum – Structured developmental experiences presented systematically through classroom and small group activities.
a. Purpose – student awareness, skill development, and skill application
b. Areas Addressed – personal/social development, academic development, and career development.

2. Individual Planning – Activities that help all students plan, monitor, and manage their own learning as well as their personal and career development.
a. Purpose – student planning and goal setting
b. Areas Addressed

i. Personal and Social Planning: healthy self concepts, short and long term goals
ii. Academic Planning: study skills, academic requirements and opportunities, test requirements and use of test scores, appropriate course selection, lifelong learning
iii. Career Planning: labor market information, preparation requirements and opportunities, job options

3. Responsive Services – Activities that meet the immediate needs and concerns of students
a. Purpose – prevention and intervention
b. Areas Addressed

i. Academic Concerns – study skills
ii. School-related Concerns – tardiness, absences, misconduct, dropouts
iii. Personal Concerns – social and family relationships, grief/loss/death, substance abuse, stress

4. System Support – Management activities that establish, maintain, and enhance the total program.
a. Purpose – program delivery and support
b. Areas Addressed

i. Guidance Program Development
ii. Parent Education
iii. Teacher and Administrator Consultation
iv. Staff development for educators
v. School improvement planning
vi. Counselor’s professional development
vii. Research and publishing
viii. Community outreach
ix. Public relations

Senior Information
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Report Card Schedule
QuarterProgress Reports Report Cards
1st Quarter9/17/2018 10/30/2018
2nd Quarter 11/27/2018 1/23/2019
3rd Quarter 2/13/2019 4/02/2019
4th Quarter 4/30/2019 6/07/2019

Guidance News
2018-2019 ACE Nominations

The Coaches for Character ACE nominations will open Monday, October 16th. The ACE (Advocates for Character & Education) award honors one male and one female student from each high school in grade 12 who are considered the true an unsung hero in their schools. These are students who might go unnoticed for one reason or another, students who are role models, who work hard and give their best effort, students who are all too often not recognized for their accomplishments, or students who demonstrate unusual commitment to learning academics despite various obstacles. Nominating a student is easier than ever this year. Go to the ACE Nominations website and click the nominate button at the top of the page. You may also nominate a student in the counseling office.

Graduation Supplies - Herff Jones

Seniors who still need to order graduation supplies from Herff Jones may do so on November 27th during all lunches. A $100 down payment is required.

Fall Exam Schedule

As we near the end of the 1st quarter we want to pass along some important
information regarding 2018 mid-term exams. This year, exams will be given
prior to Winter Break. This change allows students to test on material while it is fresh in their minds.

Please note that we will move to a block schedule for exam days and that
attendance will be taken each day with unexcused absences counting against
a student's required seat time hours. Any absence without a written doctors
note must be approved by Mr. Peake in advance of the exam.

December 18th - 1st and 5th Period Exams
December 19th - 2nd and 6th Period Exams
December 20th - 3rd and 7th Period Exams
December 21st - 4th Period (half-day)

Please note that makeup exams must be completed upon return from Winter Break.