Counseling Department

The Mauldin High School Counseling Department is available to assist students and parents with various concerns. If you need to contact the Counseling Department, you may do so by using the appropriate e-mail address provided below or contacting guidance by phone at 864-355-6655 or by fax at 864-355-6645. Before calling, please use the tabs above to search for desired information.

Counseling Department Staff

Connie Allred

Lu Bigalke
Counselor, 11-12 P - Z

Cecilia Brown

Chuck Childs

Barbara Hendricks

Tamaran Hightower
Counselor, 11-12 A - G

Gwen Hyer
Counselor, 9-10 E - K

Marina Lewis
Special Projects

Reggie Patterson
Counselor, 9-10 S - Z

Jill Purcell
Counselor, 9-10 A - D

Cheryl Scott
Counselor, 9-10 L - R

Courtney Vaughn
Special Projects

Elaine Wofford
Counselor, 11-12 H - O

Components of a Comprehensive School Counseling Program

The Mauldin High School Counseling Department provides a comprehensive school counseling program that consists of the following components:

1. Guidance Curriculum – Structured developmental experiences presented systematically through classroom and small group activities.
a. Purpose – student awareness, skill development, and skill application
b. Areas Addressed – personal/social development, academic development, and career development.

2. Individual Planning – Activities that help all students plan, monitor, and manage their own learning as well as their personal and career development.
a. Purpose – student planning and goal setting
b. Areas Addressed

i. Personal and Social Planning: healthy self concepts, short and long term goals
ii. Academic Planning: study skills, academic requirements and opportunities, test requirements and use of test scores, appropriate course selection, lifelong learning
iii. Career Planning: labor market information, preparation requirements and opportunities, job options

3. Responsive Services – Activities that meet the immediate needs and concerns of students
a. Purpose – prevention and intervention
b. Areas Addressed

i. Academic Concerns – study skills
ii. School-related Concerns – tardiness, absences, misconduct, dropouts
iii. Personal Concerns – social and family relationships, grief/loss/death, substance abuse, stress

4. System Support – Management activities that establish, maintain, and enhance the total program.
a. Purpose – program delivery and support
b. Areas Addressed

i. Guidance Program Development
ii. Parent Education
iii. Teacher and Administrator Consultation
iv. Staff development for educators
v. School improvement planning
vi. Counselor’s professional development
vii. Research and publishing
viii. Community outreach
ix. Public relations

Senior Information
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Report Card Schedule
QuarterProgress Reports Report Cards
1st Quarter9/21/2017 11/06/2017
2nd Quarter 11/29/2017 1/23/2018
3rd Quarter 2/20/2018 3/29/2018
4th Quarter 5/03/2018 6/08/2018

Guidance News
Mauldin High School Announces 2018 Junior Marshals

Annually, Mauldin High School recognizes the top 12 ranked students in the junior class who have the privilege of assisting at our graduation ceremony in June. Please congratulate Abigail Druckenmiller, Emily Dunlap, Rebecca Dunn, Samuel Gavin, Maryam Hashem, Sarah Landmesser, Kimberly Mastrolillo, Lila Monprode, Hannah Morgan, Steven Nguyen, Abigail Parsons and John Shaw.

Palmetto Girls State

Palmetto Girls State, to be held on the campus of Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC during the week of June 10 - 16, 2018. The week is a hands-on application of government and citizenship. The girls attending Palmetto Girl State participate in mock political activities at the municipal, county, and state levels of government by creating the mythical state of “Palmetto”. This program is sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary Unit. Current Junior girls interested in attending the week long leadership program should submit your name to the guidance office no later than Thursday, March 1st .

Mauldin High School Announces Top 20 Honor Graduates

Mauldin High School is proud to announce the top 20 ranked honor students in the class of 2018. Congratulations to Amanda Balkus, Mitchell Beard, Lydia Burgess, Samantha Decker, Wynn Dixon, Austin Ewanick, Evan Kaufman, Avery Madden, Julia McElhinny, Savannah McKee, Reem Namouz, Larkin Parler, Sophie Pavia, Erin Phillips, Mira Pichai, Madison Rabel, Khalil Threadgill, Kyle Wheeler, Kate Windey, Tyler Woods.

Greenville County Schools Scholarship Golf Tournament

The Greenville County Schools Scholarship Golf Tournament proceeds provide district seniors with the financial assistance of $1500 for their freshman year of college. Four applicants will be chosen from Mauldin High School and applicants must be in the top 30th percentile of their senior class. In order to apply, please come to the counseling office to pick up an application. You can also find and print an application from Naviance or the senior website in the scholarship section. All applications must be returned to the counseling office before Friday, March 9, 2018.

Mauldin High School Honors National Merit Finalists

Mauldin High School is proud to honor and congratulate our five National Merit Finalists for 2018. These students will be considered for prestigious National Merit Scholarships by having a record of very high academic performance and SAT scores. Congratulations to Mitchell Beard, Lydia Burgess, Julia McElhinny, Erin Phillips and Mira Pichai. We are extremely proud to have these students represent Mauldin High School.

Erskine Fellows Scholarship Opportunity for Current Juniors

Any current junior who has a strong interest in attending Erskine College and excels academically, exhibits overall good character and thrives outside the classroom should see Ms. Wofford in the counseling office to apply for the Erskine Fellows Award. Students must have a minimum 1100 on the SAT, 24 on the ACT or 110 on the PSAT along with at least a 3.5 weighted GPA. See Ms. Wofford by March 9.

Furman Scholarship Opportunity for Current Juniors

Any current junior who has a strong interest in attending Furman Univeristy and is involved in extra curricular activities and has leadership potential should see Ms. Wofford in the counseling office to apply for the Furman Scholars Award. Students must have a weighted GPA of 3.5 or higher, at least a 1300 SAT, 1360 SAT-R, a PSAT of 1360 or a 29 on the ACT. Students should see Ms. Wofford by March 9. If you acquire these test scores after March 9, see Ms. Wofford for information.

Mauldin High School Announces Valedictorian and Salutatorian

Annually, Mauldin High School recognizes the top students in the graduating class. The Valedictorian is the student who has the highest GPA in the class. This year we are proud to announce that Julia McElhinny is the 2017 - 2018 Mauldin High School Valedictorian. Congratulations to Julia for this extraordinary accomplishment!

The Salutatorian is the student who has the second highest GPA in the class. This year we are proud to announce that Mira Pichai is the 2017 - 2018 Mauldin High School Salutatorian. Congratulations to Mira for this outstanding accomplishment!

Second Quarter Honor Roll

Congratulations to all students who are included on the Second Quarter Honor Roll. Students may stop by the guidance office for their honor roll certificates.

Visit our Honor Roll webpage to view a list of students who earned this honor.

Summer Projects Bulletin Now Available

The first Summer Projects Bulletin of the year is now available now on the School Counseling Department's website. The Summer Projects Bulletin contains information about different camps, programs, and opportunities for students this summer. It will be updated periodically throughout the rest of the year.

9th and 11th Grade IGP Conferences to Begin

Ninth and 11th graders' Individual Graduation Planning (IGP) conferences are set to begin February 12 - March 14. Students received notices of their appointment times when report cards were distributed on 1/26. High school and post-secondary planning and registration will take place during these conferences. Parents are invited to attend. A list of conferences times is posted here for your convenience.

Golden Strip Career Center Open House February 1 and March 6

The Golden Strip Career Center will hold an Open House on February 1 and March 6 from 5:30 - 7:00 PM. Come tour classrooms and experience the exciting programs available for students. Meet the instructors and meet business and industry employers. A free hot dog supper will be provided. Parents and students are encouraged to attend.

Sirrine Scholarship is Now Open

Students may apply online for the $2,000 renewable Sirrine Scholarship by visiting their website. Once you are in the website, make sure to create an account by clicking on the link that says: Create a 2018-2019 Account. Students should not use their Greenville Schools e-mail for this account as they need an e-mail that will be active after graduation. The deadline to submit your application is April 15, 2018.

Visit the Greenville County School's website for new and updated information on the scholarship.