What is WorkKeys?

Lifelong Learning offers classes to prepare for the WorkKeys Test:

Schedule of Preparation Classes and Testing Dates

WorkKeys® is an employment skills assessment system. Employers use WorkKeys® to measure workplace skills of employees and job applicants. Schools and colleges also use WorkKeys® to prepare students for the workplace.

WorkKeys® is made up of several assessment tests that measure different kinds of employment-related skills. Three assessments demonstrate basic skills:

Why Should I Take WorkKeys®?

Taking these three WorkKeys® assessments demonstrates for employers that you have the basic math and reading skills to be productive employees. Because of this, more and more employers in South Carolina are recognizing and/or using WorkKeys® as part of their hiring process.

Will I Earn a Certificate?

You can earn the WorkReady SC Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) by taking these three assessments and scoring at least a “3” on each. The nationally recognized CRC certifies that you are WorkReady to employers. Being ready for work is very important to employers when they seek to hire new employees.

Higher scores mean that you are capable of performing a wider set of employment positions.

National Certificate FAQs

Do you have a computer with internet access? You can work in Career 101.

What is Career 101? Career 101 is a self-paced, self-directed computer software program that helps you assess your skill level before you take WorkKeys® assessments. It was created as a tool to teach the concepts and build the skills needed to earn the score you seek on your WorkKeys® assessments.

Why Should I Use Career 101 Before Taking WorkKeys®? Career 101 allows you to experience concepts, sample questions, and practice assessments at your own pace before you are in a timed assessment environment. It is an excellent practice tool that helps you become familiar with the material so you are better prepared to earn the score you want.

It is necessary to register with Lifelong Learning to get a username and password before using the Career 101 website (http://workreadysc.com). You will need to come to Lifelong Learning at 206 Wilkins Street, Greenville, SC 29605 so we can place you in the Career 101 program. Call and make an appointment to register. Contact Grace Pascuiti at (864) 355-6059 or (864) 355-6088.

Over 250 Upstate Employers Recognize WorkKeys®

Follow this link for an employer list.