Lifelong Learning High School Diploma Registration

2020/2021 School Year

All new high school students must bring an official, signed transcript from their home high school. High School Diploma classes are only taught at the Sullivan Center daytime program. All 17 and 18 GED students must bring a completed Alternative Assignment from the home high school.

Here is your chance for your dreams to come true! Register now at the link below for classes “face to face”  or Virtual (with our Chromebooks). NOTE: Students must create their own Google account before registration.

Click Here to Register

Pay by MySchoolBucks (there is an additional 3.95% fee to use MySchoolBucks):

High School Diploma Program - Sullivan Center Campus

Once you have completed the application, please allow at least two days for Ms. Foster to contact you to set up test dates. Please call at 864-355-6088.

Sullivan Center (daytime)

High School Diploma Registration/Orientation Dates for 20/21 School Year

NOTE: All students must be registered, tested, and have ALL FEES paid in full before attending the first class.

Registration time: 8:30 am

Class Meeting Times and Fees:

Sullivan Center (daytime)
Monday-Thursday, 9:00am - 1:00pm
Fees: $40.00-Registration/$80.00 per unit

High School Units Information:

Students take one unit at a time
Units do not transfer back to regular high school
Each units requires a minimum of 60 clock hours of seat time and completion of the work and passing tests.
Lifelong Learning has a high school graduation ceremony. Graduates are invited to participate in it. They are not allowed to return to the home high school for graduation ceremonies.