Classes and Locations


Lifelong Learning's main campus is located at Sullivan Center, 206 Wilkins Street, Greenville, SC 29605. Lifelong Learning offers quality programs for those living in our community who wish to get their GED and upgrade their skills. With the grim economic forecast for the US in the coming months, it is encouraging to know that there are programs like the ones at Lifelong Learning, which will help people succeed and realize their dreams. Computer classes, Spanish classes, English as a Second Language, English for Parents, and Spanish GED are all part of the quality programs offered through Lifelong Learning at various locations throughout Greenville County.

For more information about classes, call 864-355-6088 or click here for the Schedule of classes.

Greenville County Schools Lifelong Learning GED Center at Sullivan Center

The GED Center is located at Lifelong Learning’s main campus and satellite centers operate throughout Greenville County.

The GED Testing Service recently recalculated the passing rate for the GED Test in all subjects. The new passing score is 145 instead of 150. If you have taken the test and passed any part of the GED Test with a score of 145 to 149, you have now passed that test. If you have passed one or more tests, please get busy and study on the other subjects, retake the GED Ready in that test, and try again if your scores show you are ready to retake the real test. The GED Testing Service is running a half-price sale on the GED Ready until the end of March so sign up in to see if how ready you are for only $3 per test.

Students can complete all phases of the comprehensive GED program at The GED Center, including information about the GED; GED assessment and registration; GED preparation classes; Official GED practice tests; GED testing; and a graduation ceremony. The two Adult Education Programs, Lifelong Learning and Satellite Diploma Program, held their 2014-2015 school year graduation on May 27, 2015 at Wade Hampton High School at 6:00 pm. Family, friends, husbands, wives, guests, and school board members celebrated the 65 graduates who marched during the one-hour ceremony. The graduates earned either a regular high school diploma or passed the national GED Test to earn a high school equivalent diploma. Many earned a WorkKeys certificate as well. A total of 116 students earned a diploma during the school year.

For more information, call 355-3GED (3433)