GED Testing Expansion

Earning a high school diploma is one of life’s important milestones.  Having a high school diploma tells the world that you have the basic academic skills and knowledge required for most jobs and to be able to go to a technical college or university. 

Earning a GED High School Equivalent Diploma is a way for people to earn this milestone if they dropped out of high school.  It is a second chance to earn the credential that gets them college and career ready.

Greenville County Schools Lifelong Learning at Sullivan Center is an Official GED Testing Center. In September 2018 more test events were added to the testing schedule. The tests dates are posted on the Lifelong Learning website at  for three months in advance with a link to a longer calendar.  Please see attached for a copy of this testing schedule.

This expanded GED Testing schedule doubled the number of tests available each month with testing available into the evening, Fridays, and Saturdays. The testing schedule is shared with 40 community partners and surrounding Adult Education programs each month so their students/clients can take advantage of testing times that may be more convenient for these adult’s busy schedules.

How to Register

Test takers must be at least 17 years of age or older and not enrolled in high school.

There are four subject tests:  math, reading/language arts, science, and social studies.

Each subject test costs $37.50. 

Everyone who wants to take the GED Test must go to to set up an account, pay the testing fees, select a test center, dates, and time(s) they would like to test.

Practice tests are called GED Ready Tests and each of these tests cost $6.00.  It is highly recommended you take a GED Ready Test to see if know enough to pass each of the subject tests. You can sign up to take these at and take this test 24/7.

Taking the Test

Sullivan Center is located at 206 Wilkins Street, Greenville, SC 29605.  All testers should park in the lot across the street from the Center and enter through the front door. The phone number is 864-355-6088.  Greenville County Schools does not permit smoking on school property.

GED Testing Service expects testers to arrive 30 minutes before their scheduled testing time and present a state issued valid ID, permit, or driver’s license. If you have a passport or out of state ID you must also present an apartment lease or utility bill in your name for proof of South Carolina residency.  If they are not in your name, the person whose name is on the document must provide a signed statement that the tester resides at this address. 

When signing up for the test at there are Rules of Conduct that  the tester must agree to when registering and again when they sign in Sullivan Center.

Testers can pay and retake any test subject test three times. If they do not pass after the third time they must then wait six months before paying to retake tests again.

Again, please check out testing dates and times at

To register, pay, select a testing center, test dates, and times, visit