float:right;Becoming a U.S. Citizen

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  • Note: All students must be tested, registered, and have all fees paid before attending the class.
  • Payment is cash only (We do not accept checks, credit or debit cards)

Pathways To Citizenship

Posing with citizenship papersBecoming a Citizen of the United States of America is a matter that requires time, patience and dedication. Nowadays, people from different nationalities are in this process of getting the Citizenship with the purpose to obtain certain rights as citizens.

Remember that it is very important to be well prepared and confident for the citizenship test. Today, this test involves a 100 civic questions and questions from the form N-400, moreover skills like reading, writing and communications will be evaluated to the applicant.

Posing with citizenship papers 2If you want to be well prepared for the Citizenship test and want to have a deeper knowledge of the process for becoming a citizen, contact today the Lifelong Learning center.

What to Expect From The Citizenship Class

  • Students will watch two introductory videos about how to become a citizen and about the American history.
  • A PowerPoint presentation with the most important things to know about the United States of America.  
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    A folder will be provided with:
    • The process of how to become a citizen.
    • Useful websites for the student to practice and listen the questions of the form N-400.
    • N-400 questions with possible answers.
    • The 100 civic questions in English and in Spanish.
    • A sample copy of the form N-400 for the students to practice and fill out.
    • Some important sentences and words that the students need to learn how to read and how to write for the oral test. 
  • 1 0r 2 simulations of the test.
  • In each class 20 questions will be read and repeated. The following class these 20 questions learned will be evaluated.  

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