Lake Forest Elementary Programs


Lake Forest is committed to a culture of excellence, believing success cannot happen without every child succeeding.  Our core curriculum reflects our strong desire to encourage each student to reach the highest possible level of achievement. Therefore, we accommodate individual strengths and weaknesses through flexible placements, which enable all students to strive for excellence in a congenial atmosphere with their peers.  Additionally, in response to our community's expectations, we have integrated enrichment activities and International Studies throughout the core curriculum. We meet or exceed the Defined Minimum Program and State Standards in all areas.

We believe that Language Arts is the key to communication, and to general success in learning.  We practice block scheduling of Language Arts for two hours every day, which allows teachers to use Language Arts to enhance other subjects.  Our literature based reading series is supplemented by a large array of varied learning tools, chosen by teachers to enhance the core curriculum.  These include Nightly Readers, Leo Literature, Accelerated Reader, novel studies, Saxon Phonics, the Orton-Gillingham approach and the Pat Cunningham Four Block Method.

We consider ourselves a school that is defined by our strong writing program.  Writing is emphasized across the curriculum and, like other Language Arts, is used to reinforce other subjects. Children publish their own works (electronically and manually), through the Wee Deliver postal service, by writing in journals, submitting selections to newspapers, and by entering various essay and creative writing contests.

We use the Houghton/Mifflin Method throughout our school.  However, we strongly believe that since each child learns differently, it is very important to use a variety of texts and methods to supplement the core curriculum. Therefore, texts other than Houghton/Mifflin, as well as manipulatives, Math Their Way, Marilyn Burns Math Solutions, Daily Oral Math, Problem of the Week and an estimation station.  Our curriculum also stresses the importance of practical math skills; students therefore apply math skills to daily life through activities such as running the school store; earning and spending Library Loot; managing the Bread Company; and operating a recycling program.

Finally, our science curriculum incorporates the district's hands-on curriculum.  The Scientific Method is used to conduct experiments. Exploration and inquiry are fundamental components of our hands-on Science program. Science Fun Day and the Roper Mountain Science Center are extensions of our science curriculum.

Gifted and Talented

The School District of Greenville County provides programs for Gifted and Talented Students to challenge them with rigorous, complex class work and research. Gifted students may demonstrate high performance ability or potential in academic areas. Administrators, parents, teachers, and students may make referrals for students to be screened. All students who are referred from any source are screened during the first quarter of each school year to determine their eligibility. Upon meeting the requirements for this program, written parental permission will be obtained.

Students may qualify automatically with an extremely high aptitude or IQ score at 96th percentile or higher for their age group. If students do not qualify solely on aptitude, this process will be used for screening:

Students must meet the criteria in two of these three dimensions to participate in the Gifted and Talented Program.

Results of private testing will not be accepted for placing students in the Challenge program.

Students who meet the state criteria may be placed in the academically gifted and talented program beginning in third grade. This program is called "Challenge" in Greenville County. At the elementary level, Challenge is a pull-out program. In third grade, students attend Challenge for at least 125 minutes each week. Students in grades four and five attend Challenge for at least 200 minutes per week. Each school receives a Challenge teacher based upon the number of qualified students in that school. Students are taught in classes with a teacher-pupil ratio of 1 to 20 or less.

At the middle school level, the Challenge program serves students through Language Arts instruction. Challenge Language Arts is a daily scheduled class with a teacher-pupil ration of 1 to 25 or less.

Honors math and English courses serve identified gifted and talented high school students. These classes meet daily with a teacher-pupil ration of 1 to 25 or less.

If you have questions regarding Gifted and Talented Programs, please contact Jane Snyder at 241-3211 or email her at