eLearning & Student Wellbeing:

Our main priority, right now, is the well-being of our students. We recognize the start of the school year has been quite a transition, for both students and their teachers. We hope the following practices will support students during their eLearning days:

More importantly, students should spend approximately 25-35 minutes for each class period. We recognize some students will finish in less time, and others may need a little more time, but certainly no more than 45 minutes per class. We do not want students spending hours and hours on a class period; this is simply way too much. If this is happening, please contact your student's teacher and/or school counselor or administrator. We recognize the need for balance. We want this year to be as positive as possible!

eLearning Grading:

Grading will follow the normal weights and percentages for both in-person and eLearning. Students should access lessons and assignments through Google Classroom using their student username@greenvilleschools.us account. Teachers, counselors, and administrators will be monitoring student engagement and will make contact with any student who has not been online or in touch with their teacher.