National Junior Honor Society


Membership in the Lakeview Middle School Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society is an honor for deserving students determined by the faculty and based on Scholarship, Service, Leadership, Citizenship, and Character.


Students must be second semester sixth graders or in grades 7-9. The student must have been in attendance at Lakeview Middle School for a period of one semester. Students must have an 85 average for the first semester of the year for which they are seeking membership.

Selection of Members

Upon meeting grade level, attendance, and academic requirements, candidates will be notified and asked to submit a Student Activity Information Form. The faculty shall also be requested to evaluate eligible candidates. The Faculty Council shall review all information and determine which students will be given membership.

Discipline and Dismissal

Any member who falls below the standards of scholarship, character, citizenship, or service may be dismissed from the Lakeview Middle School Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society. A member is expected to maintain his/her academic standing and take an active role in service and leadership to his/her school and community.

If the student’s average falls below 85, he/she will be given a written warning and a time for improvement. If the average remains below standard at the end of the warning period, the student will be subject to further disciplinary action by the Faculty Council which may include dismissal.

Violation of the law or school regulations can result in dismissal of a member. These violations include, but are not limited to stealing, destruction of property, cheating, truancy, or possession, selling, or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol at school-related activities.

Offenders of the school conduct code (such as use of profanity, failure to comply, unexcused absence, excessive tardiness) will receive written warning notification. A conference may be requested by the Student Council or student/parent. If the member is involved in another violation of the school conduct code, the member may be dismissed.