Lakeview Dress Code

The following basic guidelines will be followed at all times at Lakeview Middle School:

                  Colors- Orange, Blue, Pink, Black, and White.
                  All shirts must have a collar and sleeves (i.e. oxford shirts, polo/ golf shirts). The only logos allowed on
                      shirts are small logos that reflect the maker of the shirt and can be no larger than one square inch.
                 Middle or high school garments (i.e. jerseys) may only be worn on the days when students are
                      participating in extracurricular activities at the middle or high school, and they must be worn over the
                      uniform dress code shirt.
                 Tucking, Layering Shirts must remain tucked in at all times while on campus and during field trips. Tshirts,
                       long-sleeved shirts, or camisoles worn under collared shirts must also be a solid color.
                 Collars must be visible. No low-cut shirts are allowed.

                Solid Khaki ONLY (denim of any color may NOT be worn)
                Belts should be worn with pants, shorts and skirts that were manufactured with belt loops.
                Pants, shorts and skirts must be worn at the waistline. Pants and shorts cannot bag, sag or drag.
                Shorts and skirts must be knee length.
                No overalls, jeggings, stretch pants, Yoga pants, knit pants with drawstrings, sweatpants or other athletic
                   pants or shorts are allowed to be worn.
               Pants, shorts and skirts may not contain holes, frays, or patchwork.
               Leggings are allowed to be worn under skirts or shorts provided the shorts or skirts are knee-length.

The following items are NOT permitted to be worn or to have in possession while on campus:
               Hats, bandannas, “do rags,” sweat bands/headbands or sunglasses that pose a safety threat to oneself
                  or others
              Bedroom slippers or athletic slides
              Jewelry or tattoos that display profanity/suggestive phrases or advertise tobacco, drugs, or sex.

Coates with symbols, writing or pictures may be worn to school as long as the content does not display profanity, suggestive                                       phrases or advertise tobacco, drugs or sex
                Coats must be removed and placed in student lockers upon arrival to the grade level halls.
                If sweaters and sweatshirts are to be worn for the entire school day,  they must be a solid approved dress code shirt color with no large                     logo or  writing.  Collars must be visible.  No hoodies are allowed.

                   The administration will make the final judgment on the appropriateness of the clothing and/or appearance and reserves the right to prohibit the student from wearing any article of clothing or item which could possible lead to the disruption or interference with the school environment. If student attire is deemed inappropriate he or she will be sent to the office to contact a parent to bring a change of clothes. Continuous dress code violations may result in disciplinary actions. In the fall of 2014, we began to discuss a uniform dress code policy for Lakeview Middle School. Since that time, we have had several meetings with our School Improvement Council and have also discussed the topic during school events. After much discussion we have determined that a uniform dress code policy could have a very positive impact on the learning environment of our school. We will provide this information to local vendors and pass along any helpful information to our parents via our website and the school messenger system.