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What is The Power of M?

It is a program designed to assist students in mastering the standards and objectives of a course through targeted assessment and remediation.


How does it work? 

Students who fail to make a mastery grade on any major assessment will remediate with their teacher and then retake the assessment.  Students can stay after school for remediation and retesting.  If a student fails to stay for a teacher-scheduled Power of M session, parents and/or administration will be contacted to work together to assist the student in completing the required work.


Who is The Power of M designed for? 

It is primarily for ninth graders enrolled in a CP level course. The Power of M will not apply to New Tech courses or courses at the honors and AP levels.  Designated Power of M classes include:


Accelerated Reading                                      French I

Algebra I CP                                                         Integrated Business Applications (IBA)

English I CP                                                          Art I

Environmental Studies CP                          Spanish I

World Geography CP                                     


When will the Power of M begin? 

The program is slated to begin on Monday, September 10, 2018.  It will meet on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:55-4:40 pm.  Some teachers may be available before school as well.  Please reference individual teacher websites/syllabi to find availability.


 Where does Power of M take place? 

Students schedule a time to stay with their teachers after school on a designated Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday.  If a student needs bus transportation home, they must be signed up on the bus list by their teacher by 3:00 each afternoon.  The Media Center resources are also available for students’ use during this time.


Who should I call if I have additional questions?  

Tina Bishop , Assistant Principal  355-6319 or