Tuesday, December 6, 2016
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Debbie Howard -

Magnet Academy Coordinator



 Tonya Vaughan

Magnet Assistant Coordinator



Sheila Drunasky

Technology Specialist

J.L. Mann Magnet Program


About the J.L. Mann Magnet Program

If you are a student seeking a high school that offers a demanding curriculum and that rewards excellence, JL Mann Academy should be your school of choice. The goals of our Academy are:

Students who are approved and choose to enroll in the Academy are offered a choice of three rigorous academic pathways: mathematics, science and technology. Course offerings include an array of CP, Honors and Advanced Placement courses taught by highly qualified instructors. A number of these faculty members hold doctoral degrees, have taught at the college level, and are Board Certified educators. Many elective courses are offered every other year. This expands the possible choices for our students who want to pursue college degrees and careers in math, science, engineering, and/or technology. Students compete for seats in the Accelerate engineering distance-learning program, offered by the SC Governors School of Science and Math. The Health Science program is new to Mann this year and can be selected as a path to Magnet Distinction in Science. Expanded offerings in the Visual Arts program make it possible for students to earn magnet distinction in the Technology pathway. With approval from the Magnet Committee, some students may choose to complete their requirements in Science or Technology at our district career centers. While magnet students MUST follow one of the three academic pathways selected in the application process, this same choice is open to ANY student enrolled at JL Mann Academy.  See Homebase FAQ.

Students who see a future in STEM-focused fields as well as those who wish to be prepared for the most challenging university programs in other disciplines, need more than the core and elective offerings of our magnet program. Those who complete the requirements for Magnet Distinction will take three years of the same world language (French or Spanish), gain skill in technical writing and expression, earn at least one credit in visual or performing arts, and complete an independent Senior Project. J.L. Mann Academy also offers a sequence of honors, AP, and college preparatory courses in the social sciences and the humanities.

Our Academy’s mission is to foster an environment of high academic standards and provide a challenging curriculum where students can engage, learn, achieve and prepare for college and careers.

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